Introducing Rocket.Chat’s Updated and Simplified Pricing

Rocket.Chat Team
June 30, 2022
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For the past few years, Rocket.Chat has expanded and evolved to deliver a better communications experience for organizations all over the world. We have continuously invested in product and infrastructure enhancements that allow communication to flow freely between colleagues, partners, customers, communities and even platforms - without compromise. Organizations can own their data, customize anything within the platform and integrate whatever they need.

Today, Rocket.Chat is proud to serve millions of users in over 150 countries. We’ve come a long way and we’re just getting started. That’s why, today, we’re announcing changes to our pricing model that aim to simplify the experience of buying Rocket.Chat for our customers, better represent our current product offering, support the investments we’ve already made and enable the future growth of our customers.

On July 1st, 2022, the new pricing will come into effect. For existing monthly customers, the new pricing will go into effect in 60 days, which will be the end of August. For existing customers under an annual contract, the changes will only come into effect at the time of renewal.

Here’s an overview of what’s changing.

No more separate pricing for self-managed vs saas plans

We believe our customers should have the choice to pick the deployment option that best meets their needs without incurring additional charges. Simple as that.

Simplifying the amount of available plans

Instead of choosing between a variety of different plans, you can now pick between running the Community Edition (free plan) or Enterprise (paid plan). That’s it.

Community remains free forever, but it’s only available self-hosted. Enterprise is the paid version of Rocket.Chat and it comes with several benefits, including:

Team Collaboration:

  • Unlimited & secure push notifications
  • Full Matrix Federation
  • Advanced identity management
  • High availability
  • Centralized admin controls and granular audit logs
  • Data loss prevention
  • Video conferencing integrations
  • Customizable User Permission
  • Guest users
  • Custom white-label branding
  • Delivered/read receipt
  • Unlimited enterprise apps

Omnichannel Customer Support:

  • Templated messages for common messages
  • Supervisors and sub-departments to scale operations
  • Return customers routing to previous agent
  • High impact inquiry prioritization
  • Queue waiting time display
  • Mobile app for agents
  • Inquiry forwarding across teams and departments
  • Multiple queues & departments


  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Instagram Direct
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Email (premium, coming soon)
  • SMS (premium, coming soon)
  • VoIP

Deployment Options:

  • Choice of self-managed or secure cloud

With these upgrades, we’ve also updated the minimum number of users required to use the Enterprise plan to better align with our core customers. The new minimums are 25 users for team collaboration or 5 agents for omnichannel (or an equivalent combination of both).

Introducing omnichannel agent pricing

Our omnichannel customer support solution has evolved since we first introduced it. That’s why we’re rolling out a specific monthly price per omnichannel agent which is different from the monthly price per team collaboration user.

Making all omnichannel channels better supported and more easily available for Enterprise customers

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Twitter and Telegram are becoming Enterprise apps maintained by the Rocket.Chat team. Email and SMS are staying completely free but we’re adding an Enterprise version of both, once again, fully maintained by our team. Live chat also remains completely free but we’re planning to build a much improved version to be launched as part of our Enterprise plan. Additionally, omnichannel multiple queues and departments are becoming Enterprise only features.

New support tiers

We have been offering phone and email support to every paying customer (and often even free workspaces) since the very beginning. This has made scaling a challenge. To improve how we service Enterprise customers, we are upgrading our plans and capabilities for these paid plans. The base Enterprise plan includes access to support via our web portal. There are 2 more robust and dedicated support plans available as add-ons for Enterprise, which include phone and email support (with different SLA levels) as well as access to a dedicated customer success manager. 

Community Edition will continue to have access to support via our active community forums and portal. 

Launching Chat Engine Custom Add-On

To better service the growing demand for customers looking to create custom messaging experiences within their app or website, we now offer our Chat Engine Enterprise as a custom solution. This powerful solution gives customers the extensive and infinitely customizable back-end chat integrating and white labeling Rocket.Chat components and enterprise features.

Launching professional services

We understand our customers often have very specific requirements. That’s why we’re introducing a range of new professional services such as implementation consultation, data migration, upgrade and scale packages and premium SaaS DevOps.

Please visit our pricing page to learn more. If you have questions or would like to discuss any specific needs, please feel free to contact us

Thank you for your continued support.

-Rocket.Chat Team

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