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Digital Citizen Service Solutions

About 3P Brasil

A complete solution that offers services to citizens in an online and automated way. Complete service to citizens at the municipal, state or federal level. After the results obtained with the citizen service centers, the time has come for public management to take a new step: to offer services virtually, with a practical and intuitive system that offers the necessary services without the citizen leaving home. A platform that connects the government to the citizen, with vaccination campaigns, driver's licenses, and expiry of taxes. All in an agile and practical way. The citizen benefits from welfare and the state from cost reduction and the end of time-consuming processes.

Main expertises

With more than 2,000 employees, 3P Brasil provides more than 100,000 services to citizens per day in person.We were the first organization to participate in public tenders in the citizen service market. In 2006 we started serving citizens at the Posto de Bauru - São Paulo. Therefore, we were the first company in Brazil to enter this market and today we have over 15 years of experience.In 2021, we began providing services digitally and we know that it is the new revolution for the relationship between the State and the Citizen.

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