WOOPI / Stefanini

Woopi is an innovative cognitive technology company and Stefanini's Research and Development unit. It offers solutions like Sophie, sac 4.0 platform capable of interacting with human users and systems

About WOOPI / Stefanini

Woopi is the company responsible for Sophie, Stefanini's intelligent virtual assistant. Since 2006, Woopi has been innovating to improve the solution's interaction with the final consumer - whether internal or external - through text and voice. The result of this is that today Sophie guarantees more agility in the service process, simplicity in integrations with different systems and significant improvements in communication.

Main expertises

Sophie is an enterprise-level chatbot platform and brings dozens of accelerators that allow the unification of the chatbot platform within the organization, respecting the characteristics of different audiences and stakeholders that need to optimize processes through the use of natural language processing and text service
Sophie is the best platform in the world for managing multiple bots, each with distinct characteristics, channels, integrations, knowledge bases and behaviors, which may or may not share flows and information
Endowed with Artificial Intelligence with its own algorithms, based on semantic networks, Sophie can be trained with much less data than other chatbots, allowing a much faster structuring of knowledge bases of different levels of complexity.
Sophie allows the exchange of content between bots, and a unique level of editorial control for each of the bases being worked, with distinct credentials and various levels of permission and access to the content
Sophie is equipped with a powerful integration bus, which allows multiple Json integrations to be performed without code, as well as simple native connection with hundreds of software such as SAP, SalesForce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics and others
Sophie can be used natively and naturally to dozens of channels like Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Slack, Messenger, Google Chat and others
Each of the interfaces and bots can be programmed to behave differently with selections of different response patterns and flows based on user credentials, business objectives and even sentiment analysis
Sophie allows quick customization of the platform's interface through selections within the system, without coding
Sophie also has a graphical interface for curators' content management, allowing any user to quickly and efficiently create their bots
Automatically test everything you've created with the automated testing tool, and manage and promote versions of your bots between approval and production environments
Include elements of language, words, forbidden words, contexts and ontologies in your chatbot group
Transfer your chatbot to chat tools like Zendesk, LivePerson, Rocket.chat and others

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