Collaboard is an online whiteboard solution that enables organizations to organize plans, brainstorm ideas, and visualize concepts. This virtual whiteboard application allows users to write, draw, and sketch their ideas using features like sticky notes, shapes, documents, text boxes, and much more, thereby simulating the feeling of a real whiteboard. Teams can work together in real-time from any location with Collaboard, and organizations can streamline their projects and communications across teams.
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Project Management
Security & Compliance

Organizations today employ different tools for project planning and communication at every stage of project execution. When you switch tools, it’s highly likely that some information falls through the cracks. This limits users' thinking and forces them to execute and operate with little or partial knowledge. In some cases, people who join the project later may not be aware of the background information or may not comprehend the rationale behind the decisions made. In such situations, it's crucial to unify your planning and communication to never lose sight of the big picture.  

By integrating Collaboard with Rocket.Chat, you can ensure better and more effective project management from the ideation phase through the implementation stage. While Collaboard allows you to brainstorm ideas and visualize concepts, Rocket.Chat allows you to continue dialogues about the project, its status, blockers, and execution while keeping an eye on the big picture of why you started in the first place. Based on the project's real-time progress and learnings, you can feed information back to your planning board and utilize this information to make future plans. 

The level of security built into your project management lifecycle determines the security of your project data. To maintain comprehensive data protection and project security throughout, it is critical to proactively deploy data security measures. Rocket.Chat and Collaboard share a common vision of data security and decentralized communication. With the integration, you can have complete control over your data by deploying Rocket.Chat and Collaboard on-premise or in a secure cloud. This integration meets the security and compliance requirements of highly-regulated industries, assuring data protection from the ideation stage through the implementation stage. 

Getting Started

Use simple commands to start a new whiteboard directly from Rocket.Chat. Regardless of the locations, teams can collaborate in real-time and work on projects together. All the users in a channel can access the whiteboard anytime, anywhere. Refer to our technical documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to install the app and start leveraging whiteboard features from within Rocket.Chat. 

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