A company made by one dream and 1500+ worldwide contributors

We are here to reconnect the world and give back every person the right to privacy and security. We bring data protection into every conversation.

Our mission

Empower organizations to own their conversations by developing the world’s most flexible and secure open source communications platform.

Our story

Born as a side project of four friends in 2015, Rocket.Chat is a pioneer in helping organizations gain productivity through streamlining their communication.

Today Rocket.Chat has over 12 million users, including organizations such as The World Bank, The US Navy, and Credit Suisse.

Trusted by 12M+ users
in over 150 countries

We are Rocketeers
and we dream.

We are Rocketeers
and we own.

We are Rocketeers
and we trust.

We are Rocketeers
and we share.

We’re supporters

We want to help people who are doing good around the world. We offer special rates for the causes we support.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Independent organizations that act in humanitarian or social causes.

Educational Institutions

Accredited educational institutions or student organizations.

Open-source and developer communities

Our community is continuously improving the open source Rocket.Chat platform.

Open-source by choice, transparent by nature

The future of communication is not on closed systems and will never be. We were born open-source and are proud to have over 30k stars on our GitHub repository.

We’re rocketing from all over the world

Talent has no nationality. Rocket.Chat’s a fully remote company and we are happy to have an ever-growing team of over 150 Rocketeers from over 30 different countries.