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The Rocket.Chat AI assistant app is powered by the Retrieval Augmented-Generation (RAG) technique. This technique allows large language models (LLMs) to connect with external resources, giving users access to the latest, most accurate information. To use the Rocket.Chat AI app, you need a self-hosted LLM of your choice. This allows for greater information accuracy while keeping your information secure.
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Note: The Rocket.Chat AI app is currently in beta. For feedback, reach out to us on the AI app channel. For setup details, refer to the AI app Setup Guide.

The need for smart assistance in communication

With the digital age having nestled itself deeply into every aspect of our lives, amplified usage of instant communication tools has become inevitable. From simple inquiries to complex conversations, instant messaging plays a critical role between teams, clients, and businesses. However, the overwhelming influx of chat interactions has become a challenge. Essential details could be lost in lengthy discussions, crucial queries could be left unanswered, and understanding the context of ongoing conversations has become increasingly difficult. Not only does this lead to confusions and mistakes, but it also directly impacts the operational efficiency, decision-making process, and customer satisfaction which are vital to the success of any business.

Introducing the Rocket.Chat AI app

To counter these pain points, we introduce to you the Rocket.Chat AI app - an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize instant communication. With its well-crafted features, the app aims to mitigate the hassles of navigating through countless messages by offering a simplified approach to access your chat interactions. Whether you have a query that needs an instant response, a thread to get a summary of, or a livechat conversation to comprehend quickly - the Rocket.Chat AI app is your go-to assistant.

The importance of this AI app transcends beyond businesses and is notably valuable to government and defense sectors. In these sectors, securing precise interpretation and speedy communication are paramount. The AI app can instantly give context-based answers to questions or provide succinct summaries of lengthy threads – this can be applied to real-time strategy discussions, policy decision-making, or even diplomatic conversations.

For example, in a security crisis, swift communication and decision-making can be a matter of national security. In such scenarios, decision-makers can leverage Rocket.Chat AI app's ability to summarize threads. They can swiftly understand the current state of affairs and provide immediate directives, saving crucial time and perhaps, lives.

Rocket.Chat AI: Transforming regulated industries

Regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal sectors frequently deal with lengthy conversations filled with complex terminologies and technical details. Misinterpretations and delays in these sectors can lead to negative consequences.

The Rocket.Chat AI app can assist in swiftly summarizing these dense conversation threads, enabling teams to assimilate vast amounts of information more digestibly and efficiently. For instance, in a demanding healthcare environment, staff can leverage this technology to breakdown complex patient history and medical terminologies into an understandable narrative. This not only leads to quicker decision-making but also improves patient care.

Similarly, financial consultants can bank on AI for instant summaries of live chat discussions with clients. With a simplified context, they can provide strategic and personalized advice promptly, enhancing client satisfaction.

Rocket.Chat AI app is here to revolutionize the way we communicate and consume information. With its intelligent features and diverse applications, it promises to bring clarity, efficiency, and reliability to our fingertips, reshaping businesses, government sectors, and regulated industries.

Key features of the Rocket.Chat AI app

  • Get answers to your queries: Ask the AI Assistant a general or business-specific question in the DM. The AI Assistant will reply to the question in a thread with the answer and context from the provided knowledge base.
  • Get a summary of thread messages: Ask the AI Assistant to summarize a thread's contents. This is an efficient way to help you stay up-to-date on important conversations quickly.
  • Get a summary of livechat messages: Ask the AI Assistant to summarize a livechat conversation. This helps other agents understand the context of an ongoing conversation with a customer.

For more information on installing the app and getting started, refer to our technical documentation.

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