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WhatsApp Sandbox is a ready-to-use app that surpasses all of the prerequisites. It works exactly like the WhatsApp production app, but in a sandbox. This means you can test the app without disturbing your live environment and the business data. This sandbox is isolated from your production environment and empowers you to safely explore, learn and test the WhatsApp integration in your workspace without the risk of affecting the production environment. This app is available for free for all the Community and Enterprise edition users. 
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In the SaaS world, approvals, authorizations, and installations are something we deal with every day. At times, it can turn out to be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Our priority is not just to build software that works but to make it easy for our users to enjoy our product and reduce (or, ideally, eliminate) the time it takes for them to get the value they are looking for. Today, installing WhatsApp in your Rocket.Chat workspace involves a few prerequisites. So, the WhatsApp Sandbox app is our way of telling you we have taken care of these beforehand to simplify the process of installing WhatsApp in your workspace. Therefore, WhatsApp Sandbox app is a mimic of the WhatsApp production app minus the prerequisites involved

Here’s what you can expect from the app: 

You can now get started with the integration without having to furnish your WhatsApp Business Account details. You can use the Test API-KEY to send text messages and text templates to your phone number. The number can be a landline, as long as it can use WhatsApp. Your phone number acts as a user and can send and receive messages. An unlimited amount of messages can be sent with the sandbox.

  • Test and optimize safely without disrupting your production environment:  WhatsApp sandbox allows you to test, optimize, and enables your QA teams to identify potential problems before they escalate out of control. This app mirrors the production environment for authentic results, so you can test and retest as many times as you need until you achieve your goals. With no fears about security or impacting other live programs, you can test the WhatsApp integration in a sandbox environment. 
  • Freedom to innovate with no production constraints: All of these elements offer creative freedom within the sandbox environment, so there are no production constraints to hold up the process, and the environment is true to life to ensure the results integrate into your production org smoothly. By testing and failing, the end result will be of higher quality because all of the pitfalls will have been taken care of. So test, break, and fail until it’s foolproof - all thanks to the sandbox environment!

To install WhatsApp Sandbox:‌

  • Go to Rocket.Chat Administration > Apps.
  • Search for the WhatsApp Sandbox App under the Marketplace tab in the Apps menu on your Rocket.Chat Administration panel and then click Install.

You are notified about all the permissions the app would access. Click Install again.

For more information on installing and configuring the WhatsApp Sandbox app, please refer to our technical documentation

Points to note: 

  • This app is not intended for production use. It is only intended for testing purposes. For production use, please use the official WhatsApp integration. 
  • The Sandbox is a test environment only. You will not be able to use it to send messages to your clients. You can only send messages to your phone number. 
  • Each Sandbox API Key is linked to one phone number, and you can only send test messages to that phone number.  

To install our production WhatsApp app from our marketplace, visit this page.

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