Zapier is an automation tool that connects Rocket.Chat with 5000+ apps, allowing you to automate daily workflows and free up your team's time to focus on what matters most. Without having to code, Zapier connects apps to transfer data and automate workflows. You must create 'Zaps' to accomplish this. Zaps are made up of two components: triggers and actions, and they connect the applications you want to integrate. While triggers initiate the Zap, actions carry out the desired event automatically.
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There are numerous manual workflows that we perform on a daily basis that are both time-consuming and costly because we could be focusing on something more important instead of doing something that could be automated. Some tasks must be completed on a regular or scheduled basis; rather than repeating them manually, why not automate them? Some tasks do not require much thought, and because they do not require high-order thinking, they can be automated. Working on such mundane tasks can take your focus away from what you really want to achieve. Furthermore, manual tasks are prone to errors.

Working all day on mundane, repetitive tasks that require little skill or effort is not ideal. Zapier makes it possible to work more efficiently by offloading time-consuming tasks. You can free up time for your employees to focus on higher-value tasks, and you can boost employee productivity and performance by reducing manual work. This can encourage more innovation and provide your business with a competitive advantage. Because of automation, employees can focus on jobs that require critical thinking and are freed from busy work. Less time spent on mind-numbing workflows and tasks means more money saved. Both businesses and employees can benefit from automating labor-intensive workflows for manual tasks like data entry. You can improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace by eliminating manual steps and automating repeatable or predictable workflows.

Once the zap is set up, Zapier will check your trigger for new data and perform the action for you. It automatically transfers data between Rocket.Chat and your other apps, so you never have to worry about information getting lost. Once your Zap is up and running, it will run indefinitely without further action. Automated workflows can be set up once and run for as long as you need them to. And if you switch software platforms, you can still track your data by creating a new Zap. 

Refer to our technical documentation for more information on getting started with Zapier.

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