All aboard! Rocket.Chat 3.6 is here

Manuela Massochin
September 2, 2020
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The two words that every Rocketeer loves: New Release! In Rocket.Chat 3.6, as usual, we have a lot of exciting new features, improvements and bug fixes to tell you about.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we selected the most important features and listed them below. In this month’s release, all of the features and improvements can be enjoyed by everyone - everything is available on our Community version.

*If you wish to view the complete list of updates, click here.

New features

Community Edition (CE)

#18443 Support for custom avatar images in channels

Just like you select a picture for your user profile, you can now add personalized avatars for each channel, discussion or private group you’re in. That way, each channel will have a personalized avatar, making it easier to differentiate one channel from another.

Custom images for groups

#18643 Omnichannel: Livechat widget support for rich messages via UiKit

One of the features we’re most proud of on this release: our Live Chat now supports Rich Messages via UI Kit. With this update, rich components such as buttons, combo boxes and separators are rendered on Rocket.Chat’s Live Chat.

Now you’re able to configure a message as you want via API, improving the experience of your website’s end-user. The message is set up in blocks and can be assembled according to your needs, with images and different types of text.

This feature also increases our bot usability since now it’s possible to present options for the user to select. Another highlight is that the documentation and support components about this feature will be increased, so our Rocketeers can count on official guidelines to configure their widget.

#18606 Export room messages as a file or directly via email

This feature replaces the Export Sent Messages via email option we previously had: now you can select a specific range of messages and attachments on a chat and export them in different formats (.HTML and .JSON), not only e-mail.

After the messages are exported, a download link will be sent to you via e-mail and you’ll be able to download your backup of messages in the format you selected.

#18625 APPS-ENGINE: Implement new IPostLivechatRoomTransferred event

#17481 Jitsi: Setting to use the room's name instead of the room's id to generate the URL

#18261 Omnichannel: Ability to set character message limit on Livechat widget (by @oguhpereira)

#18528 Omnichannel/API: Endpoint livechat/room.visitor to change Omnichannel room's visitor

#18514 Omnichannel/API: Endpoint livechat/ to search Livechat visitors

#18623 Banner for servers in the middle of the cloud registration process


#18640 2FA: Password enforcement setting and 2FA protection when saving settings or resetting E2E encryption

  • Increase the 2FA remembering time from 5min to 30min
  • Add new setting to enforce 2FA password fallback (enabled only for new installations)
  • Require 2FA to save settings and reset E2E Encryption keys

If you’re changing an important setting on your Admin panel or resetting an E2E Key, our system will now ask you for a 2-Factor Authentication code to proceed with the changes.

The way the code is sent depends on how your Rocket.Chat account is set: it can be via a TOTP authenticator, such as Google Authenticator, or via e-mail. If you don’t have any 2-FA process configured to your account, you’ll be asked to type your password to proceed. We emphasize the importance of setting a 2-Factor Authentication to your Rocket.Chat account.

This is a way to make sure that there’s an authentication process going on when major setting changes are done on a server. This way, it’s possible to keep your servers safe, even for those who don’t have the 2-FA configured.

#15992 Slack bridge: Add support to sync threads (by @antkaz)

With our recently added Slack Bridge, there’s now support to synchronize threads between Rocket.Chat and Slack.

#18571 Omnichannel: Allow set other agent status via method livechat:changeLivechatStatus

#18408 Security: Admin info page requires permission view-statistics

Users now require the view-statistics permission to access the admin/info page

#18399 New component and better look for tooltips

? 26 Bug fixes

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Manuela Massochin
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