How to improve customer relationship by using an omnichannel platform

Lucia Fallavena
October 23, 2020
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Create online connections, strength relationships, and improve digital customer relationships have never been this essential. The year 2020 brought many uncertainties, but there is no doubt that efficient online communication helps to maintain good relationships between companies and customers in times like these.

In order to have communication flowing, companies need mechanisms that meet their needs at different levels and guarantee adequate support to their customers. Nothing better than an all-in-one platform, that brings together all touchpoints with the customer, with proper support and a digital workspace for team collaboration. In this article you will understand why an omnichannel platform focused on the customer experience is essential for better interaction with your audience.

Home office and the new ways to integrate teams

It is estimated that 33 percent of the USA labor force is currently working from home full-time during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Another 25 percent is in remote work sporadically. Researchers point out that a big part of the workers had some kind of difficulty related to communicating with their teams during the first days or months in this brand new scenario.

Even with communication challenges being faced for the first time, the majority of the employees evaluate remote work and business results in a positive way. Everything suggests that this hybrid model will remain in the future, permanently changing the way we see our work routine. And to adapt to this new model, it is important to keep your team always aligned through a team collaboration platform, with real-time communication no matter where they are.

In this constantly changing scenario, communication with customers has also changed. Face-to-face conversations gave way to digital communication and online meetings. Certainly, with so many transformations, big companies called their best salesperson, support, marketing, and public relations professionals to establish a communication process with the customer. But in addition to that, it is necessary to create friendly and facilitating spaces that simplify communication between companies and clients when a good relationship is forming.

How to make customer experience unforgettable

If the future is guided by what we are experiencing now, why not invest in solutions that help to build simpler communication and with more detailed processes?

Omnichannel platforms such as Rocket.Chat, that can concentrate all communication channels in one tool, allow companies to improve their response time to customers, integrating the platform with the tools they use most. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, you name it. It is possible to serve many people at the same time, optimizing results and ensuring a more satisfied customer. Also, being an open-source platform, Rocket.Chat allows endless types of modifications to fit your team’s needs to communicate better.

Availability is key to drawing your customers even closer. With an effective team collaboration platform, it is possible to offer 24/7 support to customers, response to messages in real-time through the website or create automatic responses. You can also inform customers or website visitors about your work schedule and service. Customer engagement at its finest.

Agent using omnichannel platform
Omnichannel platforms such as Rocket.Chat allow companies to improve their response time to customers

As an omnichannel platform, Rocket.Chat allows integrations with other channels, websites, and devices to set times and receive conversations automatically when the user is active. International companies can combine schedules according to their journeys.

Making the customer's experience unforgettable means also facilitating their lives. For example: Rocket.Chat enabled the 3rd Largest Bank in Latin America to be the first bank to offer customer service through Whatsapp in Brazil. In 2016, the institution had different communication channels to support its 100M + customers, so they needed an omnichannel strategy to support clients within their favorite channels.

It means that Rocket.Chat implemented a new omnichannel system in a few days, allowing the company to reduce their expensive tools clutter from 4 to 1. Rocket.Chat has a simple and objective interface that allows the system to be configured to meet specific use cases, no matter if it is a small, medium, or a large company that needs an agile operation focused on customer service.

Why omnichannel?

A lasting relationship needs to be good for both parties, right? And being on the same page is essential for everyone to understand each other clearly. When it comes to customer service, it is important to think about how you can make the relationship more dynamic. And it's not just about aligning the contact between the customer and the company, but also internally for your team. In order to have this, it is necessary to list aspects that will optimize processes.

Using an omnichannel platform at your service means giving more visibility on what exactly your customer needs. Customers care about the channel you communicate with, however, it is more important for them to have their issues solved fast and with no complications. For your audience, it is crucial that you are where they need, whenever they need.

But just solving specific problems does not solve the case. An omnichannel strategy means ensuring that all of your customer touchpoints are integrated and aligned in order to provide a consistent experience across all your service channels. In other words, keep your customer close and updated about your work and news.

Agent talking to customers through omnichannel platform
An omnichannel strategy means ensuring that all of your customer touchpoints are integrated

Why choose Rocket.Chat?

Currently, doing an online search, it is possible to find several team collaboration platforms. On the opposite of the most popular platforms on the market, such as Slack for example, Rocket.Chat guarantees unlimited history on message visibility and file storage. With infinite possibilities of integration, due to the open-source nature of the platform, unlimited videochat and livestream and a recommended limit of thousand users.

Different needs must be evaluated for a company when they are adopting a platform. Features like converting audio messages to text, reports, support and engagement panels, are essential when creating a complete customer service experience.

Easy, customizable and with outstanding customer experience

Rocket.Chat is an open-source platform that allows companies to adapt their staff according to the needs of their teams and their customers. In times like these, it is important to have spaces that facilitate day-to-day activities, enabling real-time communication between teams and customers. Rocket.Chat has these requirements to help your company take even higher flights. Try it now.

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