Rocket.Chat in Google Summer of Code 2022

Sing Li
March 30, 2022
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For the sixth consecutive year in Rocket.Chat’s seven years history, we are proud to join Google's Summer of Code 2022 program as a mentoring organization. 
Google Summer of Code is Google's mentorship program for ushering in a new generation of open source contributors for open source organizations worldwide.  2022 marks the 18th year of operations for this well-known and respected program.  In the past 17 years, over 18,000 developers from 112 countries have participated.

Google Summer of Code is a unique program where new contributors to open source, ages 18 and over, are paired with a mentor to introduce them to the open source community and provide guidance while they work on a real world open source project over the summer (or winter for some in the Southern Hemisphere).  In 2022,  Rocket.Chat offers contributors a choice of over 30 project ideas  – covering a wide range of interests including user interface improvements,  integrations with other major open source projects, bridging to other team chats, and more. 

Anyone interested in joining us for Google Summer of Code this year should come meet the community of over 250 enthusiastic contributors and mentors on our open server. Drop in and introduce yourself and start learning and networking.  

Detailed official rules of the program can be found here.

Rocket.Chat maintains a real-time leaderboard for contributors to keep track of their contributions.  Anyone can, at a glance, determine the number of merged PR, issues raided, and so on. You can check it out here.

We're thrilled to see the amazing projects in GSoC 2022!

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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