New release: Rocket.Chat 3.11 is here!

Manuela Massochin
February 17, 2021
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Another month, another release: Rocket.Chat 3.11 is here with many new exciting features and improvements. To give you a clearer view of what’s new, we listed every update on our latest release - check it out below! If you wish to see the original list, click here.

New Features

Apps: Apps Permission System (#20078)

The user managing apps can see which permissions the app requires before being installed in the instance and decide whether to install it. Works for both marketplace and manual installations.

Apps: IPreFileUpload event (#20285)

Now apps have the ability to prevent a user from uploading a file operation by checking the upload details.

ENTERPRISE: Automatic transfer of unanswered conversations to another agent (#20090)

A new Omnichannel feature in which the chats will be auto-transferred to another agent if the current agent hasn't responded back within a certain duration, stipulated by the admin.

Release 3.11

ENTERPRISE: Omnichannel Contact Manager as preferred agent for routing (#20244)

If the Contact-Manager is assigned to a Visitor, the chat will automatically get transferred to the respective Contact-Manager, if they are online. In-case the Contact-Manager is offline, the chat will be transferred to any other online agent.
This auto-assignment feature can be enabled or disabled, according to the admin’s settings.

Release 3.11

Behavior based-on Routing method

  • Auto-selection, Load-Balancing, or External Service (autoAssignAgent = true)
    This is the case if:
  • the Contact-manager is online, the chat will be transferred to the Contact-Manger only.
  • the Contact-manager is offline, the chat will be transferred to any other online-agent based on the Routing system.
  • Manual-selection (autoAssignAgent = false)
  • If the Contact-Manager is online, the chat will appear in the Queue of Contact-Manager ONLY
  • If the Contact-Manager is offline, the chat will appear in the Queue of all related Agents/Manager ( like it's done right now )

Banner system and NPS (#20221)

More robust and scalable banner system for alerting users and optional NPS survey to help Rocket.Chat improving.

Email Inboxes for Omnichannel (#20101)

  • With this new feature, email accounts will receive email messages (threads) which will be transformed into Omnichannel chats. Once an email is part of a channel, it will appear on Rocket.Chat just like every other Omnichannel Live Chat conversation.

It'll be possible to set up multiple email accounts, test the connection with the email server and define the behaviour of each account. When you receive a message on the email attached to the channel, you should be able to see it like this:

Release 3.11

After you take the message, it will become part of your workspaces chats in progress. You can click “reply via email” and write your message on the chat box to respond directly via Rocket.Chat:

Release 3.11

After your response is sent, your chat history should look like this:

Release 3.11

Encrypted Discussions and new Encryption Permissions (#20201)

  • Discussions can now leverage the full E2EE capabilities like the other channel types.
  • Encryption key changes just got a lot easier: You can now correctly continue E2EE chats with a new encryption key after a proper key reset.
  • New global setting: create private channels encrypted by default.
  • Toggling the E2EE setting in a channel now creates system messages (in addition to the already existing key icon), informing channel members whether the setting has been changed recently.
  • Messages are rendered and blurred in E2E encrypted rooms when waiting for the user to insert the E2EE key.

Server Info page (#19517)

Server Info page was redesigned and It brings new info such as mobile push notification usage and features available in the plan.

Release 3.11


Add extra SAML settings to update room subs and add private room subs. (#19489 by @tlskinneriv)

Added a SAML setting to support updating room subscriptions each time a user logs in via SAML.
Added a SAML setting to support including private rooms in SAML updated subscriptions (whether initial or on each logon).

Autofocus on directory (#20509)

Don't use global search by default (#19777 by @i-kychukov & @ikyuchukov)

Global chat search is no longer not set by default.

Message Collection Hooks (#20121)

Integrating a list of messages into a React component imposes some challenges. Its content is provided by some REST API calls and live-updated by streamer events. To avoid too much coupling with React Hooks, the structures RecordList, MessageList and their derivatives are simple event emitters created and connected on components via some simple hooks, like useThreadsList() and useRecordList().

Rewrite Announcement as React component (#20172)


Release 3.11


Release 3.11

Rewrite Prune Messages as React component (#19900)

Rewrite User Dropdown and Kebab menu. (#20070)

Release 3.11

Title for user avatar buttons (#20083 by @sushant52)

Made user avatar change buttons to be descriptive of what they do.

Tooltip added for Kebab menu on chat header (#20116 by @yash-rajpal)

Added the missing Tooltip for kebab menu on chat header.

Release 3.11

? 52 Bug fixes

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