Rocket.Chat 0.60.0 Released

Sing Li
December 27, 2017
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WARNING: BREAKING change when upgrading to 0.60.0. Any user running directly from source/compiled code and upgrading from older versions to 0.60.0 must first install Node.js 8.x in their environment. Rocket.Chat 0.60.0 requires Node 8 to run correctly. If you are using Docker or Snaps just ignore this warning.

Rocket.Chat Server Release 0.60.0 Available Immediately

Today, the Rocket.Chat team is delighted to announce the immediate availability of Rocket.Chat server release 0.60.0.

This release brings together over a month of features development and bug fixes, and significantly improves the stability and usability of the new UI introduced since 0.59.0.

Node 8 Support for Developers

Our developers community need to note that this version upgrades Meteor to version 1.6 and brings with it the long awaited Node 8 support.

LDAP Improvements and TCA

Of note are major improvements in our LDAP handling for sites with very large user base; implementation of Token Controlled Access (TCA) to channels in partnership with Tokenly;


LiveChat Agent for Facebook Page's Messenger

LiveChat users will welcome the brand new support for direct inquiries originating from Facebook pages' messenger app.


Right to Left Language Support Improvements

Global users operating with Right to Left languages will notice drastic improvement when working with Rocket.Chat. Thanks to our GitHub contributor @cyclops24 for fixing various long standing RTL bugs.


Notification improvements

Numerous notification improvements are available in this release, including the widely requested option to set mobile devices to be notified of new messages regardless of presence status.

Better support for mobile clients

This new version adds APIs that make communicating with our native mobile clients significantly faster and enable features such as slash-commands, and reply from notification on iOS.


More Information on Release 0.60.0

For details of what is included in this exciting 0.60.0 release, please see our release notes.

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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