Rocket.Chat 0.62.0 Released

Gabriel Engel
March 6, 2018
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Rocket.Chat Server Release 0.62.0 Available Immediately

The team at Rocket.Chat is delighted to announce the immediate availability of Rocket.Chat server 0.62.0.

This release brings together a range of features development and bug fixes, and significantly improves the stability and usability of the new UI introduced in 0.59.0.

New Features

#7098 Alert admins

When a new user registration requires approval, Rocket.Chat will inform all admins via email and direct them to the administration panel to approve the registration. The user will then be notified via email when their account has been approved or when it has been activated/deactivated by the admins.


#9642 Discover channels

Look out for the globe icon to discover and filter new channels and users.

#9687 Global message search

Global Search is an experimental feature and is disabled by default. Admins can activate it through their server settings Administration > Messages > Global Search.

Once activered, search resultes will include information from other channels if the Global Search option is checked.

#8158 GraphQL API

We are releasing the first experimental version of our GraphQL API, Admins can activate it through their server settings Administration > General > GraphQL API.

#9255 Livestream tab

This new feature allows admins to enable a livestream tab on channels (public and private). The tab's livestream source can be edited by users who have the edit-room permission; every user on the channel can see the tab and watch the livestream once it is set.

Currently we support the YouTube video player.


#9717 Message read receipts

It's now possible to see who read each message. For performance reasons this feature is disabled by default. Admins can activate it through their server settings `Administration > Messages > Show Read Receipts`.

By activating `Show Read Receipts` users will see who reads each message and by activating `Detailed Read Receipts` they we will see when users read each message.

#9608 New sidebar layout

We have improved the sidebar layout to add more configuration options:

  • The sidebar can use an Extended, Medium or Condensed view.
  • Avatars can be shown or hidden.
  • The sidebar sorting and grouping can be changed.

#9793 Version update check

Rocket.Chat will alert admins via a banner and direct message when a new version is available and if there are security updates.


More Information on Release 0.62.0

For more details on the 0.62.0 release, please see our full release notes.

WARNING: In Rocket.Chat 0.62. Graphics Magick and Image Magick have been removed from the new image API. If you depend on them for your customizations you can instalal them via your system package manager. For more information see the change pull request.

Gabriel Engel is the CEO and co-founder of Rocket.Chat, the leading open source communications platform.
Gabriel Engel
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