Rocket.Chat 0.65 Released

Gabriel Engel
May 30, 2018
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Rocket.Chat is pleased to announce its release of Rocket.Chat 0.65 with the following highlighted features and changes (Please note: bug fixes implemented by 0.65.1 are detailed further below):

  • Setup Wizard #10523
  • Pinned message attachments are now viewable #10214 by @c0dzilla
  • Normal load of image attachments #10608
  • Options added to enable/disable each Livechat registration form field #10584
  • More options available for Wordpress OAuth configuration #10 724
  • REST API implementations (multiple PRs)

Setup Wizard

This is exciting news! UI is significantly improved thanks to the new Setup Wizard that will guide the user easily through the initial registration process using a series of forms.


Pinned message attachments

Users will now be able to view pinned message attachments, thanks to @c0dzilla!


Options added to enable/disable each Livechat registration form field

This allows users to enable/disable each of the fields in the Livechat registration form. By default, the fields are enabled.


Wordpress 0Auth configuration improved

This expands the changes made on #10550 by adding new settings to Wordpress OAuth configuration: it keeps existing default values but allows different server configurations.

REST API Implementations:

Many REST API implementations have been included in this release:

  • Many REST API endpoints added: users.getUsernameSuggestion to get username suggestion #10702, subscriptions.unread to mark messages as unread #10778, channels.counters, groups.counters, im.counters #9679 and channels.setCustomFields and groups.setCustomFields #9733 both by @xbolshe, plus endpoints channels.roles & groups.roles #10607
  • The result of the /meendpoint now returns within the result of the /login endpoint #10677
  • REST API endpoint settings now allow set colors and trigger actions #10488 by @ThomasRoehl
  • REST API endpoint /me now returns all the settings, including the default values #10662
  • Now it's possible to access files using header authorization (x-user-id and x-auth-token) #10741

Bug fixes

  • UI was not disabling the actions when users had no permissions to create channels or add users to rooms #10564 by @cfunkles & @chuckAtCataworx
  • Private settings were not being cleared from client cache in some cases #10625
  • Channel owner was being set as muted when creating a read-only channel #10665
  • SAML wasn't working correctly when running multiple instances #10681
  • Cancel button wasn't working while uploading file #10715Â by @Mr-Gryphon
  • Layout badge cutting on unread messages for long names #10846Â by @kos4live
  • Slack-Bridge bug when migrating to 0.64.1 #10875


Thanks as ever to our passionate community for their contributions for this release!

Core Team

0.65.1 Fixes:

  • Livechat not loading #10940
  • Application crashing on startup when trying to log errors to exceptions channel #10934
  • Incomplete email notification link #10928
  • Image lazy load was breaking attachments #10904
  • Leave room wasn't working as expected #10851

Release changelogs

Download Rocket.Chat 0.65 and install it via a Snap, Docker or from scratch on your server.

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the full Rocket.Chat 0.65 release changelog and the 0.65.1 release changelog on GitHub.

Gabriel Engel is the CEO and co-founder of Rocket.Chat, the leading open source communications platform.
Gabriel Engel
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