Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.13.0: What's New?

Manuela Massochin
December 21, 2020
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Version 4.13.0

Release Date: December 21, 2020.


  • iOS 11+
  • Android 6+


Support RTL

Now the app fully supports RTL languages and, as first language using it, we're introducing Arabic.

Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0

Channel Actions

We added all actions a user needs to administrate a channel, like remove user, set owner, mute, etc.

Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.13.0


  • Support client certificates for SSL.
  • Ease white labelling for Android.
  • Add username on status messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Empty space on Messagebox.
  • Chats order.
  • Filenames are incorrect in non-latin alphabets on upload.
  • App not prompting join code for password protected channels.
  • Light theme not working on Android with Dark Theme set.
  • Thread message flickering while thread parent isn't found.
  • Messages overlapping and emoji keyboard not opening.
  • Initial users' status is not fetched.
  • Update Loading logo.
  • Share extension and save image not working on Android 10.


  • Build official apps on CI.
  • Force normalized params for 2FA.


  • Re-enable Jitsi Chat.


  • Add Arabic.
  • Update fr.
  • Add missing zh_TW and zh_CN strings.

What To Expect Next?

New status icons!

Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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