21 best team collaboration software to skyrocket your business in 2024

Sara Ana Cemazar
August 13, 2021
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Team collaboration software market is growing stronger every day. With companies switching to hybrid work models and leaders realizing how important collaboration is, it is expected that teams will be increasingly using collaborative tools in the years to come.

There are numerous examples of team collaboration software on the market. We are bringing you the list of best solutions in four categories essential for simple collaboration - regardless of where you work from!

📚 We will start by explaining what team collaboration software is and end with the most important reasons you should use one. As a great intro to the subject, get our end-to-end guide on team collaboration in hybrid work environments.

What is team collaboration software?

You might be puzzled about what actually constitutes a team collaboration software. According to G2, each collaboration solution cherry-picks from a myriad of features and functionalities.

This is true because collaboration practices are highly diverse. As workplaces become more digital, employers want to mimic the team collaboration best practices from the in-office times - and even upgrade them to fully utilize the benefits of working remotely.

Therefore, team collaboration software is versatile, but all the solutions have one common goal: to provide an easy, seamless collaboration experience to teams.

For easier navigation, we’ve separated the best team collaboration software into four categories. Let’s dive in!

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Team collaboration software for seamless communication

Ah, communication. The key to successful collaboration, leadership, and overall business success. When team communication best practices are applied and utilized in companies, the sky itself is the limit!

team collaboration software

Effective and heterogeneous communication is a prerequisite for successful team collaboration. Therefore, it is best to combine synchronous and asynchronous communication. This means that teams should sometimes all be present in a video meeting at the same time, and sometimes they should have the freedom to reply when they can in the company chat.

We’ve selected these three team collaboration software solutions as our go-to apps for easy and intuitive communication.


Imagine reaching people from your organization easily as you reach your friends on WhatsApp… And then, imagine more than that! Rocket.Chat is not only an intuitive and user-friendly team collaboration app, but it also has numerous features that make it the ultimate communication platform.

For example, you can easily reach individuals within your company, you can talk to groups of people, and you can have discussions and channels on different topics. Moreover, Rocket.Chat supports numerous integrations with polling or video conferencing apps that make communication ever more easy.

What makes Rocket.Chat one of the best team collaboration software is its security. As there are more cyber attacks than ever - many due to dispersed workforce - companies are insisting on messaging apps’ security.

Rocket.Chat’s powerful security features, like on-premise hosting option and end-to-end encryption, make it one of the most popular Slack open source alternatives.

📚 Find out more about why Rocket.Chat is one of the most secure messaging apps for your organization.

team collaboration software

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing software that is very easy to use. It is perfect for jumping on quick calls with colleagues and discussing work matters via video. What makes it a great team collaboration software is that it is possibly one of the easiest video conferencing tools on the market, and it’s also free to use.

The only downside to Google Meet might be that it’s not suited for large audiences of 200+ people. Nevertheless, when it comes to ease of use and quality of calls, it makes a great team collaboration software.


You might be surprised to see BigBlueButton on the list of best team collaboration software, as it’s used primarily in schools. However, it was designed by teachers for the purpose of online teaching. This makes it a great collaboration tool for companies when they want to have a lecture or company-wide meetings.

BigBlueButton’s features make it a tool where presentation and presenter are in focus, but response from the audience is seen instantly. It mimics the classroom dynamics really well, which makes it one of the most beloved team collaboration software among teams that love to learn from each other.

team collaboration software

Collaboration software for sharing and editing files

A big part of collaboration includes deep dive into documents of various kinds - photos, text, video, etc. Therefore, software for storing, sharing, and editing files is sometimes an absolute necessity.

Here are our top three team collaboration software providers for easy collaboration on files. You will find that you are probably using some of it!

Google Drive

Most people have gmail and Google Drive accounts. The ability to organize, share, review, comment, and suggest comes easy with a platform that is familiar to so many users.

You might not even perceive Google Drive as a team collaboration software, but it is actually one of the most used tools for working jointly in the cloud.


Dropbox is one of the market leaders in cloud storage. Although it is very similar to Google Drive, some users praise it for slightly higher security standards and faster syncing. However, you can’t go wrong with any of these team collaboration software providers!


Box is yet another great option for companies that want cloud storage. However, Box is a highly secure team collaboration software that can be used across industries with specific compliance policies (for example, HIPAA in the healthcare industry).

team collaboration software

Among Box’s users are Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Olympus. It offers a myriad of integrations with third-party vendors so teams can effortlessly work together across platforms.

Team collaboration software for project management

Every team needs project management tools! They make it easy for everyone to stay on the same page and align on the most important goals.

There are numerous team collaboration software on the market, but we’ve selected these three as a most complete trio that will allow you to manage projects successfully without experiencing app fatigue.


ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool that teams of all sizes across different industries turn to for a powerful work management solution. It is completely customizable and offers a fully transparent, feature-rich experience to manage your workload, monitor project updates, and connect with the team—no matter what project style you use.

ClickUp's collaborative features ensure everyone in your Workspace is able to comment, edit, and work on tasks at the same time, without overlap. Keep your team in the loop by adding watchers to tasks with automatic task updates, commenting on tasks, and mentioning or sharing tasks anywhere via URL. Use ClickUp's built-in Chat view for instant messaging, threaded comments, and assigned comments to eliminate back-and-forth emailing, while collaborative-editing in ClickUp Docs allows for teams to work efficiently together.  Plus, ClickUp integrates with over 1,000 other work tools making it easier to bring all your work in one place.


If you want to centralize and organize your work, collaborate in real-time across workflows, manage digital content intelligently, and track engagement across the content that's shared - Bit.ai is perfect for you.

A next-gen document management and collaboration platform, Bit allows you to create, share, organize, track, and manage all your documents in one place. You can create workspaces for personal use, around teams, departments, clients, or the entire company.

The best part? On Bit, you can work with your team in real-time using inline comments, @mentions, and more. Simply put, you can bring your colleagues to the same place to discuss work and make decisions.

Moreover, you can improve communication and knowledge-sharing across your team by embedding rich media like Google Sheets, Typeform surveys, Airtable databases, Figma designs, and much more into your Bit documents. Yes, Bit offers more than 100 integrations!

Once your interactive documents are created, sharing is just as easy! You can either share your documents with the people in the workspace, as a live link, invite guests or embed them onto your website! The 'guest access' feature of Bit is quite useful if your workflows require you to collaborate with those outside of your organization like clients, consultants, vendors, etc.

Using Bit will bring a bit of happiness into your workday, while also helping your documents to become more powerful, and your team to get more things done!


Todoist is a simple to-do app that helps teams prioritize and manage their tasks. What makes it a great team collaboration software is its simplicity combined with all the right features you need to organize your work.

Moreover, Todoist’s clean interface allows employees to quickly adopt it. Tracking your own progress with productivity visualizations and connecting the tool to your favourite apps makes it beloved among its current users.


Chances are you’ve probably heard of Asana, one of the most popular project management tools. As a leader in the team collaboration software market, it offers a sophisticated workflow solution that helps teams manage whatever they do.

team collaboration software

Most important Asana features include Kanban boards, project plans, graphical representation of work reports, high level of customization, and wide range of integrations.


Teamwork is yet another great project management tool that is suitable for growing teams. In their own words, Teamwork offers all the project management essentials while offering high flexibility.

Moreover, what sets this team collaboration software apart from its competitors is their customer support. The feedback on software review sites such as G2 includes numerous reports of trustful relationships between customers and Teamwork’s support team.

Whiteboard collaboration software

It was long thought that the biggest drawback of remote work was inability to have creative brainstorming sessions. Nothing compares to people sitting in a room with an empty whiteboard in front of them, proposing and discussing their ideas.

However, whiteboard collaboration software makes this possible even when teammates are physically apart. These visually attractive tools make it not only easy, but also fun to collaborate! These are our top picks for team collaboration software in the whiteboard category.


Miro is a popular team collaboration software that incorporates several creative collaborative practices under one hood. There is diagramming, flowchart, presentation, mapping, video conferencing.. You name it!

It is a team collaboration software that truly incorporates the spirit of new ways of work, helping employees to connect online in an innovative and creative way. Moreover, the many integrations that Miro supports make it a great addition to the hybrid work apps portfolio.

team collaboration software


Mural is a visual collaboration aid that is used by IBM, Atlassian, and GitHub. Its number one strength? Flexibility. Users report that you can use it for almost anything - brainstorming, meetings, project outlines, and more.

Furthermore, Mural is praised for its user-friendliness and strong security features - and you know that is one of the prerequisites for online collaboration. In sum, this team collaboration software makes a great visual platform for any team project.


LucidSpark says it offers collaborative innovation, no strings attached. As other whiteboard collaboration solutions, it is highly visual and collaborative in the most creative way.

Between infinite canvas, sticky notes, timer, voting, breakout boards, and freehand drawing, it’s hard to pick its greatest feature. User reviews mention their templates as highly valuable assets into getting started and organizing their tasks like pros.

Best team collaboration software for meeting management

Meetings are a crucial aspect of team collaboration. However, sometimes you need help to make meetings productive and efficient - and that's why teams increasingly use meeting management software.


Fellow is where teams gather to have productive team meetings and meaningful one-on-one meetings, build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. Fellow helps your team build great meeting habits through collaborative agendas, real-time notetaking, and time-saving templates.

team collaboration software

Best team collaboration software for developers

In its early days, team collaboration software was meant for developers. Even today, developers are the ones that most frequently use team collaboration tools, as their work is purely digital and highly co-dependent.

Here are the best collaboration solutions for developers!


Jira is surely one of the most popular software development solutions. Agile teams use it to plan, track, report, and make custom workflows.

Everybody’s work can be connected to the product roadmap, and as such, it truly embodies the ultimate goal of team collaboration software: transparency, close collaboration, and seamless experience.


Confluence is another solution from Atlassian, and it makes a great addition to Jira. Developers use Confluence to store and organize assets they need for projects running in Jira.

What makes confluence a great team collaboration software is that it allows software development teams to more easily collaborate with other teams.

team collaboration software


GitHub is a code hosting platform that allows developers worldwide to share and collaborate on different projects. It allows software developer teams to build upon others’ projects, review their own, and much more.

What makes GitHub special is the fact it is not only team collaboration software. It is a worldwide platform where the developer community comes together to help each other out with different projects.


Snyk is an open-source security platform that helps software developers improve security of their projects. It proactively highlights the vulnerabilities in code, which makes developers’ work more faster and highly secure.

Snyk’s comprehensive vulnerabilities database is maintained by security experts, and its users love their developers-first approach.

team collaboration software


LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that allows developers to innovate faster. It is used to standardize safe releases and make collaboration with business teams more effective.

As it was built with speed and scalability in mind, LaunchDarkly helped its customers roll out new features at unprecedented speed. The fact that it is used by Atlassian and IBM should have you convinced it is one of the most useful team collaboration software for developers!

Productivity aids

It's important to stay on top of your tasks when collaborating with your colleagues. Here are some tools that can help you keep to your goals.


If you’re looking for a time tracking software that works also as a work hour calculator, check TimeCamp. The tool tracks time and fills timesheets automatically which makes payroll much easier and less time-wasting. 

TimeCamp serves you right with its advanced reporting (both built-in and custom reports available), budgeting, and billable/non-billable hours - all the features are game-changers when it comes to efficient project planning and management. What’s more, attendance tracking features are perfect to keep an eye on employees’ absences and remote work tracking. 

collaboration software

Why you need good team collaboration software

After reading about all these different team collaboration software solutions, you certainly know how they can help you collaborate more effectively no matter the physical location.

However, do you know why is it essential for teams to use good collaboration software? In agile companies looking for growth, it is not only a nice-to-have addition. It is a must-have solution that can set organizations on the path to better products, more customers, and increased profits.

Here is why every organization needs the best team collaboration software.

Improved communication & less frustration

For 20% employees, collaboration and communication are the #1 challenge related to remote work. When the right team collaboration software is implemented, it significantly reduces the frustration that comes out of poor communication.

team collaboration software

Moreover, better communication patterns that start with good team collaboration software end up improving other important aspects of a business. Here are three ideas on how to increase sales using a team collaboration software.

Working more efficiently

When you don’t have to spend hours searching for documents you need, or when you have an intuitive online whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, it makes everyone’s work more efficient. Team collaboration software helps employees to do more work in less time, ultimately reducing the time lost on tracking down valuable information.

Better alignment between teams

Team collaboration software, especially project management tools, keep team members aligned to achieve common goals. Moreover, employees are more likely to talk to each other about ongoing projects and clarify details if they have a user-friendly collaboration software.

Engaged employees, happier customers, increased profit

In sum, it boils down to this: good team collaboration software will amplify the impact of collaboration. Multiple research has shown that team collaboration leads to engaged employees, innovation, better customer service, and most importantly - increased profit and higher chances for overall success.

As we at Rocket.Chat have been collaborating remotely for a couple of years now, we are constantly upgrading our communication platform to facilitate seamless collaboration. We are devoted to making the world of work more connected while keeping your data safe.

Get in touch with our team to communicate and collaborate with your team easily!

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