Top 8: The Most Popular Rocket.Chat Apps

Manuela Massochin
August 26, 2020
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Everyone loves apps. They can be fun, useful, or simply automate tasks, making life easier. As users might not be aware of the awesome Rocket.Chat apps offered by our growing Marketplace, we’ve decided to create a list of our favorite apps, tested and used by our internal team and community. Check it out!

Note: You need to be an administrator on your Rocket.Chat server in order to be able to download the apps. Visit our Marketplace to see the entire list of apps.

The 8 Most Popular Rocket.Chat Apps

1. Poll

Category: Team Collaboration

A simple and friendly way of asking for your team’s opinion! By using the slash command /poll, a pop-up will appear on your Rocket.Chat window and you’ll be able to put anything to a vote easily. You can create polls with as many voting options as you’d like, choose between multiple or single choice votes and even anonymous voting. To enable it, all you have to do is go to your Administration panel, access the Marketplace section, find the app and download it. Then you’re free to ask stuff around!

The Poll App was created with the idea of using the full potential of our Apps framework. It was one of the first apps to join our Marketplace and it sets an example of the Apps framework feature set, using features like slash commands and our newest UI Kit components.

You can read everything about the Poll app on our documentation page. If you’d like to get to know our Apps framework, you can visit the project's repository here.

Poll App Rocket.Chat

2. Giphy

Category: Team Collaboration

No one can truly express themselves without GIFs anymore. That’s why we have our own GIPHY application: to help users take the best out of written communication (and have a little fun!).

With over 10 billion GIFs, including reaction GIFs, real-time GIFs and animated stickers, you can access GIPHY’s entire content through a command on your Rocket.Chat. First, you have to access our Marketplace on your Rocket.Chat’s Administration panel and download the GIPHY app. Then all you have to do is open a conversation, type a slash command /giphy + a keyword of the GIF you’re looking for and ta-da! All of GIPHY’s library will be available to you.

How to find gifs on Rocket.Chat

3. Jira Server

Category: Project Management

One of the most popular tools used by software development teams couldn’t stay out of our Marketplace. With the Jira App installed on Rocket.Chat, you can make sure that everyone on your team will always stay up-to-date with your project status without the need to switch platforms.

With the slash command /jira-app, you’ll be able to assign projects on Jira to specific private groups on Rocket.Chat - you can even assign more than one project per group. That way, your team will be automatically notified of every progress and update made on Jira. An easy way to keep everyone updated!

For more information, you can read the whole installation process for Jira on our Documentation page.

Jira App Installation Rocket.Chat
Project Subrscription Jira Rocket.Chat Apps

4. Out of Office Responder

Category: Office Management

A useful app to communicate to other users that you are (literally) out of the office. When activated, the feature allows Rocket.Chat to send automated messages saying that you are not available to users that message you.To activate the feature, simply type a slash command /out-of-the-office out.

The system automatically sets a message to be sent to other users trying to contact you:

Out Of Office Responder RcApp Rocket.Chat

In order to turn it off, type a slash command /out-of-the-office-in and you’ll receive this message confirming to the system that you are back:

Out Of Office Responder App

5. Dialog Flow

Category: Omnichannel

Dialog Flow is a chatbot platform that uses natural language understanding to provide engaging ways for users to interact with your product. By integrating Rocket.Chat with Dialog Flow, you’ll be able to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device and chatbot.

Here is how DialogFlow connects with Rocket.Chat streamlining communication:

6. Rasa

Category: Omnichannel

Used by developers, development teams, and enterprises, Rasa is an open source platform to automate text and voice-based assistants that uses machine learning to improve conversations, a key aspect within customer experience.

7. Zoom

Category: Video calls

Meetings are an important part of our everyday work life. When collaborating remotely, that couldn’t be different - that’s why we have the Zoom Application on our Marketplace. By using the slash command /zoom start, a new Zoom link will be generated, redirecting to a video call room. By clicking on it, a new window will open on your browser, taking you straight to your meeting.

In order for the app to work, besides installing it through our Marketplace, you’ll also need to configure your account on Zoom. Firstly, you need to make sure that you own a Pro Zoom Account. Another important thing to mention is that the users’ email registered on Rocket.Chat should be the same as the ones registered on Zoom.

Last but not least, you’ll need to create a new JWT app on Zoom’s Marketplace. We broke down the installation process step by step on our Zoom documentation page. Make sure you check it out!

8. Gamecenter (Experimental Feature)

Category: Social & Fun

If Rocket.Chat has become the main workspace for remote teams, why not add some fun features to improve team building and make the daily routines more fun? That’s where Game Center comes into the picture.

Built with FRVR, Game Center is an experimental hub composed by these games:

  • Basketball: If you like a basketball challenge, this one's for you. A simple and easy to learn Basketball hoop shooting game with easy fun controls, great arcade physics and amazing sound design and music.
  • Darts: The perfect game to relax and stay sharp at the same time. The target is right in front of you and the darts are lined up and ready to go. Darts will keep you focused as you concentrate on hitting your target. Watch your score grow as you hone your precision throwing skills.
  • Gold Digger: Becoming a miner was never so much fun. You must dig underground and attempt to find hidden gems and precious metals. Start mining and get tons of gold in the best free digging game ever! Can you become the speleology tycoon?
  • Hex: A nice and relaxing puzzle game. The unique hexagon puzzle board is a fun challenge for even the advanced puzzle addict. Create and destroy full lines on the screen in any of the primary three directions by dragging and dropping blocks to the screen and get amazing combo bonuses by destroying multiple lines at the same time.
Hex App for Rocket.Chat

In order to play the games, make sure you’ve enabled Game Center and then just find the icon within each conversation at Rocket.Chat:

gamecenter app

The feature will appear in each chat inside Rocket.Chat. You can both play alone or invite users from the same server to play with you :)

Note: By default, Game Center is not installed in Rocket.Chat. Admins need to enable it by accessing Administration > General > Apps > Enable Game center.


Where can I see all the apps offered by Rocket.Chat?

Explore our Marketplace to see the entire list of apps available. Since our marketplace is very recent, we’re investing in developing many more apps to turn into a valuable resource for our community and clients.

How can you add an app to your workspace?

If you are an admin, you can easily access Rocket.Chat app directory by clicking on Administration > Marketplace.

You’ll then see the entire list of apps available; click on Install to download them:

Adding an app to your workspace Rocket.Chat

Want to publish your app on our Marketplace?

You can follow our Getting Started guide to get up and running with your new idea and then submit it to the Marketplace! With more than 12M+ daily active users, we're sure your app will grab the attention of a lot of people in no time. ?

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