White label chat app: 4 advantages over custom-made chat apps

Sara Ana Cemazar
May 24, 2022
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As customer-facing businesses grow, they are trying to find new ways to serve their customers. However, they want to keep their brand aligned across all communication channels. White label chat app helps them do exactly that.

Compared to custom-developed chat apps, white-labeled ones can be implemented faster and require fewer resources. Read on to find out what are the advantages of white label chat over custom-made chat apps, and why organizations opt for white-labeled chat products.

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What is a white label chat app?

White labeling is a common business practice. It refers to applying a company’s branding to a product or service. In this case, a white-label chat app refers to a messaging app provided by a chat vendor but doesn’t carry its logo or any other branding. Instead, the company uses the chat app under its brand name.

Organizations use white label chat apps to introduce chat capabilities and features while remaining consistent and aligned in their branding. Moreover, introducing a ready-made solution to cater to business needs has several other advantages that we’ll discuss in the following sections.

white label chat app

Advantages of white label apps over custom apps

When they realize their product needs a chat app, business leaders face a choice. On the one hand, they can invest in a custom-made chat app that will be in line with their brand and offer the functionalities they need. The app can be made in-house or by an outsourced agency.

On the other hand, there are ready-made white label chat apps that can be adjusted to fit their business needs. 

Here are the specific advantages of white label chat apps over their custom-made counterparts.

white label chat app


Building a new chat app from scratch requires significant resources. First of all, you need a dedicated team of developers to carry out the entire project. Knowing how hard it is to hire for such technical roles these days, most businesses don’t even consider building their custom app and opt for a white label chat app instead.

Moreover, providers of white-label chat apps have a product whose code is already tested and running. They have a dedicated team that works on sustaining the app and minding the bugs and errors. Not to mention that maintenance of the white label chat app is entirely in the hands of the app provider - therefore, the overall investment of resources from the buying company is significantly lower. 


Let’s face it - budget is the most important factor in decision-making when it comes to purchasing of any type. When acquiring a new solution or adding new features to their products, business leaders are constrained by associated costs. Therefore, ROI analysis often precedes business decisions of this type.

The difference between custom-made and pre-made chat apps is big in terms of costs. Everything related to the resources we mentioned above is costly - in terms of money but also in terms of the time it takes to get the app running.

For example, this research shows that - depending on the complexity - the average costs for building a chat app are anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000.

white label chat app

The costs of acquiring, implementing, and running a white label chat app are much lower than with a custom-made app. Some people might say that white label chat apps lack certain functionalities that can be developed within a custom-made app. However, nowadays chat app providers offer a lot of room for customization according to their buyers’ needs.


White label chat app providers deliver their customers - other businesses - an almost finished product. The two organizations only need to discuss final customization details and that’s usually it. 

On the other hand, developing a custom chat app takes time and other resources. Organizations usually don’t have the luxury of dedicating time and resources to develop a chat app independently. Opting for a white label chat app is usually more aligned with their busy schedules and expected delivery timelines.

High-quality product

Companies that provide chat apps to other companies must deliver high-quality products to their customers - it’s their core business! Compared with custom-made apps, chat apps that you can purchase and white label under your brand are usually of higher quality.

The reason is simple - there have been more resources and time to create, test, and maintain the app. It’s also less risky to take and implement an almost-ready product such as that and it takes less time.

Benefits of white label chat app

Brand alignment across channels

Organizations want to present an aligned branding across all channels they communicate with. Brand consistency increases trust from customers, which can result in higher revenue. According to research, a consistent brand presentation can increase revenue by 33%.

With a white label chat app, organizations can use their logo, brand colors, and brand fonts while communicating with their customers via a chat app. Their customers won’t be confused by the third-party branding while reaching for help.

white label chat app

Immediate customer engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, research shows that 73% of customers are satisfied with their experience when engaging with agents via live chat. That’s higher than for other channels - for example, 61% of customers are happy with their experience over email and 44% over the phone.

White label chat app enables customer success teams to engage with customers quickly and right on the spot - while using an app or visiting a website. The immediate response they can provide is crucial for customer engagement and consequently customer satisfaction.

Driving user engagement

Organizations can implement white label chat within their app or product. By implementing an in-app chat, they are more likely to drive user engagement. This is important because engaged users are more likely to buy the product or service at hand, as well as to tell about it to others.

Optimized chat functionalities

With a white label chat app, you get to use numerous chat functionalities. However, companies usually choose not to implement all of them to simplify their user experience.

In other words, you get to pick and choose what you want from the chat that will serve as a supporting feature of your product, app, or website. 

Secure communication

Today, data security is imperative to any organization. Secure communication cannot be compromised, and secure messaging apps are needed more than ever.

White label chat app providers know this, and that’s why their solutions uphold the highest security standards.

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Highly customizable white label chat app from the world’s largest open source communication platform

White label chat apps used to be limited in terms of customization. Today, most providers offer a wide range of customizable features to their customers, thus making them even more competitive with the custom chat app development.

white label chat app

As an open source chat solution, Rocket.Chat can be adjusted to fit all the specific needs of your organization. You can add Rocket.Chat’s wide array of functionalities to a solution under your name and brand. This will help you achieve brand consistency and recognition while supporting your customers and users.

Learn more about Rocket.Chat’s white label chat app and get in touch with our team to find out the details.

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Sara Ana Cemazar
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