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Rocket.Chat Community vs. Enterprise Edition

Learn about the biggest reasons why organizations switch from Rocket.Chat Community to Enterprise Edition
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Enterprise Security & Compliance

Keep your company’s sensitive data secure with layered, enterprise-grade security that safeguards your business no matter where work takes you.
Complete data privacy
Safeguard your internal and external communications with the highest standards in data privacy, security, and ownership. 
Deploy security patches
Keep cyberattacks at bay by regularly deploying these patches and updating to the latest version of Rocket.Chat.
Audit conversations
Audit every conversation to ensure messaging compliance at all times and ensure there are no data leaks.
Role-based access control
Create custom roles and assign appropriate privileges to users based on their responsibilities within the organization. 
Advanced identity management
Integrate with Microsoft AD and other LDAP systems for SSO, background sync and advanced user data sync.
Data loss prevention
Deploying DLP policies that define and detect sensitive data to ensure it’s not misused or accessed by unauthorized users.
Device management
Manage and control the devices linked to your workspace by monitoring the login activity and terminating suspicious sessions.
Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication makes workspace access harder for cybercriminals, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches.

High Scalability Architecture

Save infrastructure expenses, improve server performance and decrease downtime rates. Leverage features that are needed to power scalable collaboration in your enterprise and adapt to changing business needs.
Microservices scaling
Manage large volumes of users and save on infrastructure expenses with microservices architecture.
Multiple instance scaling
Deploy Rocket.Chat in multiple instances to form a cluster. Reduce downtime rates to improve server performance.
Multiple omnichannel queues
Boost agent productivity with the ability to filter and route each ticket to the proper department or queue.
Unlimited apps
Download unlimited apps from Rocket.Chat Marketplace and develop as many private apps you want - at no extra cost!
Unlimited push notifications
Enable unlimited push notifications and prevent Apple and Google gateways from reading your messages with the help of ID-only push notifications.

Enhanced Team Productivity

With Rocket.Chat Enterprise, your organization has access to the full suite of workplace collaboration features. Empower teams to get their best work done with capabilities that make their day-to-day work easier and more productive.
Conversation priority indicators
Enable better agent experience for managing chat queues with priority indicators and positively impact customer service metrics.
Read receipts
Get read receipts for time-sensitive messages and detailed delivery receipts in scenarios where proof of delivery is critical.
Transcript exports
Agents and admins can convert chat history into downloadable PDFs to audit omnichannel conversations.
Video conferencing
Integrate with a video conferencing provider of your choice, so users can have a unified, secure collaboration experience.
Canned responses
Create templated messages for common questions and add predefined shortcuts to speed up response times.
Engagement dashboard
Make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics of Rocket.Chat servers including channel information, messages, and users.
Marketplace for end users
All users can gain visibility into the apps library to decide on what apps they need to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

Interoperable & Extensible

Conversations with other teams shouldn’t be a hassle because they use different communication platforms. Rocket.Chat allows you to communicate with people across Slack, MS Teams, Skype for Business, and other communications platforms.
Matrix Federation for decentralized communication
Collaborate with external partners, customers, vendors, and agencies seamlessly regardless of the tool they use — thereby, breaking down the communication silos and improving business efficiency.
Enterprise Apps to boost productivity and enhance workflows
Rocket.Chat integrates with 50+ industry-leading apps that keep work connected. Build custom integrations using our open APIs for specific business needs, without risking the ongoing operations.

Customizable & Embeddable

Customize Rocket.Chat to work for you. Leverage a full-set of white labeling options to customize the look and feel of the Rocket.Chat workspace to align with your organization’s brand guidelines.
White labeling options
Drive branded chat experiences with endless customization options such as white labeling and full customization of your homepage.
Customized messaging experiences
Use our chat APIs to accelerate your time to market and create secure chat experiences on your website and mobile apps.
Color themes
Our support for light and dark modes makes collaboration more accessible and increases the accessibility for the visually impaired.

Premium Support & Professional Services

Have access to a global team of Rocket.Chat technology experts focused on providing consulting and hands-on services to assist your business needs and accelerate the success of your project.
24/7 phone and email assistance
Priority, always-on support with up to 3 named ‘support entitled’ contacts.
Enterprise SLAs
99.99% uptime guarantee. 1-day, 6-hours, and 30-minute ticketing system depending on severity.
Professional Services
Hands-on professional services for data migration, implementation, design, upgrading, and scaling.
Cloud hosting tiers
Three cloud hosting options include: Standard Cloud, Premium Cloud, Dedicated Cloud

Built for your privacy, security and compliance needs

Our software has been deployed in the most rigorous environments, supporting compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, FedRAMP and more. Rocket.Chat is verified as secure for use under the United States Department of Defense’s Platform One DevSecOps initiative.