Foster team collaboration and productivity with powerful integrations

Bring all your favourite tools in one place to streamline and automate workflows, avoid context switching and keep work connected.

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in over 150 countries

The secret to successful collaboration is reduced context switching

Move away from messy workflows that impact your team’s effectiveness. Leverage our native integrations to eliminate context switching and boost your team productivity by unifying conversations, projects, and tools.

Rocket.Chat achieves BITV 2.0 and WCAG compliance

We are proud to be BITV 2.0 and WCAG compliant, demonstrating our commitment towards ensuring digital accessibility for all individuals, thus breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive virtual environment.

100+ apps to supercharge your company’s communication

Rocket.Chat integrates with 50+ industry-leading apps that enhance your workflows and processes. Integrate with the tools your teams use every day, so they can work with the daily apps right from Rocket.Chat.

Secure messaging

Enable internal, inter-departmental and cross-platform messaging by integrating with apps such as Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp, Instagram, and much more.

Video conferencing

Integrate with a video conferencing provider of your choice, so users can consolidate their chat messages, video communication, and projects into a single location while maintaining the security of sensitive and mission-critical communications.

CRM & Productivity

Integrate Rocket.Chat with your existing CRM tools such as Salesforce or HubSpot to prevent information from falling through the cracks.

Customer service

Connect your customer channels such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Telegram to manage all customer conversations from one place and offer great customer experience.


Centralize conversations and development to unify developer collaboration at every stage of development by bringing tools your developers use everyday into Rocket.Chat.

Own your applications with open-source & self-hosted apps

Use open source self-hosted integrations built on top of Rocket.Chat’s webhooks to deliver data into Rocket.Chat from on-premises tools like Jira, GitLab, and other popular products.

Leverage webhooks for limitless integrations

Send and request data with outgoing webhooks, incoming webhooks, and slash commands to allow external applications to integrate the tools and services you like into Rocket.Chat.

Focus on what matters, while Zaps do the work for you

You can integrate Rocket.Chat with 5000+ apps using Zapier, including Jira, WhatsApp, Google Workspace suite of apps, and many more. Automate your everyday workflows using Zapier and Rocket.Chat to focus on what matters most.

Develop apps for your business needs using Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine

Swiftly develop and deploy apps using our open APIs for specific business needs, without risking the ongoing operations. Launch apps quickly and cost-effectively with a robust framework and pre-built components to develop and run apps on our infrastructure.

Facilitate secure cross-platform messaging

Connect with anyone using MS Teams, Slack, or Skype for Business without having to leave Rocket.Chat or migrate to new tools. Eliminate messaging silos by collaborating with users regardless of the tool they use.

Marketplace for all end users

With the right integrations, users will be empowered to streamline workflows and get more work done. End users can gain visibility into the entire library of apps that are available, so they can decide on what they need to boost productivity and improve efficiency.