Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine

Develop apps quickly with little coding

Extend Rocket.Chat’s functionality using a robust framework, pre-built components, and modules to help meet your business needs.

Trusted by 12M+ users in over 150 countries

The #1 platform developers trust to build apps for customized functionality

Enterprise-grade security

Since Rocket.Chat operates Apps-Engine, we ensure the highest levels of data privacy, security, and ownership standards for the apps you create.

Reliable app logging system 

Logs have information about the running processes and errors of your apps. This helps in debugging and optimizing app performance.

Access to latest features

Developers can rely on having access to the most recent features and product enhancements as Rocket.Chat manages Apps-Engine.

Faster time to market with minimal coding

Developers only need to write code. With zero configuration and server administration, you eliminate the hassle of administering and deploying the code.

Ease of adding

Leverage built-in APIs to add features and functionality to your apps. These APIs and services allow you to create robust and feature-rich applications.

Better resource management

Use pre-built components to develop and test apps, rather than having to do it from scratch. Run apps on our infrastructure by using the modular building blocks.

How to create apps using Apps-Engine

Leverage the Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine Command Line Interface (CLI) to execute commands and perform key functions during the app development lifecycle.

Use the rc-apps create command to initiate the app creation process.
Provide basic app details to create an app folder in the directory of your code editor.
Add desired features to your apps using several accessors and methods.
Deploy the app to Rocket.Chat server using rc-apps deploy command.
Run Rocket.Chat locally as a workspace admin and test your app.
Launch and enjoy!

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Apps-Engine CLI is the command-line interface with which you can develop apps.
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Step-by-step guide

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Learn how to configure and add new features to your apps.
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