Bluescape gives teams a secure digital space where they can work like they’re in the same room—bringing data, tools, and people together for productivity and agility. Bluescape is often described as a virtual whiteboard or workspace, providing a centralized space to gather, visualize, and leverage knowledge, content, and data, including images, graphics, videos, documents, and data streams. Available as both a FedRAMP authorized cloud solution and air-gapped software, Bluescape is built for the security needs of highly-regulated industries.
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Why should you integrate Rocket.Chat with Bluescape 

Effective collaboration is based on clear communication between various stakeholders and uninterrupted flow of information for the right personnel at the right time. But, lack of integration between planning and communication tools results in tangible operational efficiencies. Absence of a unified view can affect collaboration and decision-making at all levels of the organization. 

Integrating Rocket.Chat with Bluescape is instrumental to industries that handle sensitive information like government and defense for the following reasons: 

  • This integration enhances data security and compliance by centralizing communication and planning within a unified platform. This not only ensures information access to the right personnel at the right time, but also reduces the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches with role-based access controls.  
  • It promotes seamless information sharing and real-time updates, facilitating faster decision-making processes critical in mission-critical scenarios. 
  • Third, integration minimizes operational inefficiencies caused by switching between multiple platforms, thereby optimizing resource utilization and enhancing productivity. 
  • Finally, it supports comprehensive audit trails and documentation, essential for regulatory audits and ensuring accountability across all communications and defense operations. 

Overall, integrating Rocket.Chat with Bluescape not only improves operational efficiency but also strengthens security and compliance measures vital to maintaining integrity and confidentiality in regulated environments like government and defense.

Bluescape and Rocket.Chat: Unifying and Securing Collaboration

Plan, discuss, and collaborate on projects in one unified workspace — which results in improved efficiency, communication and productivity. 

Secure messaging

  • Comprehensive security and compliance: Highly-regulated industries have strict legal requirements regarding data handling. This integration delivers enterprise-grade security, complying with strict regulations — which is achieved through secure spaces for communication while guaranteeing data protection, which makes it suitable for industries handling sensitive data.
  • Robust information governance: This integration enables you to maintain comprehensive oversight and control over your communications ecosystem. Audit every conversation and enforce data loss prevention policies to keep tabs on sensitive information shared. Restrict access to sensitive information through role-based access control, and have all conversation history available in one place to never miss important information. 
  • Secure data sharing: The integration facilitates the secure exchange of mission-specific information, tactical data, and strategic knowledge among various agencies and allies — regardless of the tool they use, while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of mission data. 

Enhanced collaboration

  • Unified workspace: By integrating Bluescape with, teams have a centralized and unified workspace where they can collaborate, communicate, and share information all in one place. It also ensures that everyone stays on the same page and can access all content and conversations, fostering better synchronization and cohesion among team members. 
  • Connect geographically dispersed teams: The integration enables team members to simultaneously discuss, manage tasks, and work on projects, all in one unified workspace. This also erases geographic boundaries and allows remote teams to operate smoothly.
  • Improved efficiency: The integration eliminates the need to switch platforms, thereby reducing friction in the workflow and increasing overall team efficiency. This continuity can eliminate disruptions, improve time-management, and promote productivity. Real-time communication leads to quicker decision making, minimized delays, and ultimately increases the overall productivity of the team. 

Note: The Bluescape app will only be available to workspaces running version 6.5.0 and higher. This app is available for all premium plans.Please refer to the Bluescape technical documentation to get started with the app.

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