GitHub is a cloud-based software development platform that helps developers collaborate on software projects. It lets developers host, review, manage and share their code to build software alongside other developers. While GitHub is one of the most popular open-source communities, hosting millions of open-source software projects, Rocket.Chat is the world's largest open-source communications platform, allowing security-conscious organizations to communicate without jeopardising data privacy.
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GitHub is where everyday work happens for developers. However, with all of the strategic and tactical conversations happening in Rocket.Chat, developers may lose sight of the big picture if they can't bring their daily work to where conversations are happening and decisions are made. Because of limited visibility and misaligned priorities, communication with the development teams can be difficult for the rest of the organisation.

It is critical to centralise conversations and unify developer collaboration at all stages of the development process in order to improve the development workflow. This will make developers' jobs much easier and allow them to be more productive.

Why should you integrate

Developer collaboration now made easy by bringing GitHub into Rocket.Chat, so you can: 

  • Stay atop all that’s happening in your GitHub repository to get a quick overview of what’s going on. For greater visibility and context, this information is sent as RC messages with links to the events on GitHub.
  • Subscribe to repositories and receive notifications in Rocket.Chat to never miss an important event such as reviewing the open issues and pull requests that need your attention. 
  • Accelerate development by enabling developer collaboration within Rocket.Chat so you don't have to constantly juggle tools to get work done.
  • By embedding the code editor and highlighting the code changes, you can enable reviewers to review and merge open pull requests directly from Rocket.Chat. 
  • Raise issues at the click of a button by using issue templates without having to go through a complicated, multi-step process. 
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of all the open issues and delegate them directly from Rocket.Chat.
  • To improve collaboration, allow developers to search for specific resources and share them within your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Slash commands

A few Slash commands that make your lives easier: 

  1. /github issue: Use this command to open and close issues, and assign the issue to a developer from within Rocket.Chat by choosing the appropriate repository. 
  2. /github subscribe: Use this command to subscribe to repositories and receive notifications for important events. 
  3. /github search: This command comes handy when you want to get a quick overview of the open issues or pull requests. In addition, you can share them with the reviewers, so they can review, comment, and merge requests without leaving Rocket.Chat. 

Next steps

Refer to our technical documentation for instructions on how to install the GitHub app from our marketplace and configure it in your Rocket.Chat workspace.

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