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Mod Perspective is a content moderation app, powered by Jigsaw’s Perspective API. The app scans messages for toxicity and automatically flags, blocks, or deletes any toxic message that violates the moderation threshold in your workspace. This app plays a crucial role in fostering a respectful communication environment within the Rocket.Chat platform by ensuring that the user-generated content aligns with the community guidelines and standards of your workplace.
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Why should you integrate Rocket.Chat with Mod Perspective app

Content moderation is a significant tool to foster healthy online communities and ensure digital well-being. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality, integrity, and safety of a platform by safeguarding users from harmful or inappropriate content. 

But, moderation can be quite challenging due to its subjective nature. Different cultures and individuals have varying ideas about what is inappropriate or offensive. This makes it difficult to create a universal set of rules. Another pain point is the sheer volume of content that must be reviewed. This makes the process time-consuming and resource-intensive. Moderators often find themselves dealing with disturbing and harmful content. This can lead to emotional distress and burnout. Additionally, malicious content, like disguised hate speech, is becoming more sophisticated. This can pose significant challenges to even the most effective content moderation systems.

In such cases, using moderation apps such as Mod Assist and Mod Perspective enhances efficiency and speed in screening online content. By using these apps, organizations can carry out the moderation process continuously and in real-time. It ensures more consistent and unbiased moderation decisions by reducing human error. Finally, it can reduce the workload on human moderators by automating key moderation tasks. 

Note: For privacy reasons, the app is designed not to operate in private rooms by default and consequently, it won't report messages from such rooms.

However, if you wish to enable moderation for these private rooms as well, you will have to individually admit the App into these rooms, as a user. Remember to add these private rooms under the App's settings, in the section where you specify the rooms for the app to moderate. This will serve as two-factor authentication for accessing private rooms.

Benefits of using the Mod Perspective app

Reduce burden on human moderators: The app allows administrators to automatically scan messages for toxic content, flag, block, and delete such messages to shield users from potentially harmful interactions. You can set your moderation thresholds according to your workspace's tolerance level. 

Improve user safety:  Mod Perspective ensures that all conversations remain respectful and productive. It creates a safe workspace environment by eliminating harmful or offensive content. By ensuring no harmful content is posted, the app protects the reputation of your workspace and company.

Efficient resource management: The integration automates the process, rather than manually moderating each message. This allows the team to focus on other important aspects of managing the workspace which leads to efficient use of resources and saves time.

Proactive policy enforcement: Using the Mod Perspective app makes it easier for businesses to enforce their community guidelines and policies. The app doesn’t just flag or block toxic messages, it also has an optional setting to deactivate the offenders' accounts, discouraging future inappropriate behavior.

Note: The Mod Perspective app will only be available to workspaces running version 6.5.0 and higher. This app is available for all premium plans.

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