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The app integrates Rocket.Chat into the WhatsApp Cloud API, with features for message personalization, automation, support management, and no need for any third-party services — giving companies greater ability to streamline their customer service efforts and flexibility to build an exceptional customer experience.

Once you integrate WhatsApp into your Rocket.Chat workspace, you’ll be able to manage all WhatsApp interactions in a breeze:

  • Have a single inbox to expedite customer service: Manage all WhatsApp messages from within Rocket.Chat, alongside other channels. 
  • Go beyond text messages: Enrich communication with images, files, location, videos, and links.
  • Manage sensitive information with peace of mind: Leverage end-to-end encryption and the enterprise-grade security of Rocket.Chat.
  • Have centralized access to all of your customer conversations: search all conversations as needed and never lose conversation history.

For a step-by-step guide on how to install and authorize this app, refer to our Technical Documentation 

WhatsApp Cloud is available for paid workspaces as part of our Omnichannel Enterprise Bundle. You only have to pay WhatsApp’s standard rate.

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For SaaS deployments: Rocket.Chat Terms of Service
For Self-managed deployments: Master Services Agreement

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