Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that supports audio and video meetings, webinars, meeting recordings, and live messaging. Zoom enables users to construct and join virtual meeting spaces in which they can communicate using audio and video. Additional features may enable participants to share their screen, files, and text conversations within the meeting group or privately with other meeting participants.
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Why should you integrate?

There's a reason you utilize each tool. It's made to fit the needs of individual jobs and groups. Teams lose visibility into the rest of the company's progress when internal tools don't share information with one another. The efforts of different teams are isolated in their own tool silos. Using various tools within a team may result in tasks being in one app, conversations around the work being in another, and project planning being in a third. You can never have access to all you need at once unless you juggle tools repeatedly. That said, it’s pertinent for your everyday tools to communicate with each other in order to eliminate information from falling through the cracks. 

Video conferencing software is the cornerstone of any successful and productive team.When it's not feasible to meet in person, video conferencing technologies like Zoom enable people to collaborate and meet effectively "face-to-face." This adds a personal touch to online meetings, which is crucial for keeping people engaged. Many employees rely on Rocket.Chat as their primary means of communication during the day; by including Zoom's features within the app, they can work more efficiently and collaborate more quickly. Companies may increase their efficiency by using video conferencing tools like Zoom, which can be readily linked with Rocket.Chat.

Note: Rocket.Chat is releasing the most recent version of the Zoom app, Zoom 2.0, with enhanced features and integrated functionality to facilitate a comprehensive collaboration experience between Rocket.Chat and Zoom. Please ensure that you are operating Rocket.Chat v6.3.0 or later to use the most recent version of this app. 

Benefits of integrating Zoom with Rocket.Chat

The apps and tools we use are intended to simplify, not confound, our work. When these tools are not integrated, or better yet, when they are not part of a workflow management solution, silos form. Information is inaccessible or difficult to locate, and team members spend an excessive amount of time transferring between tools. When tool silos are eliminated, teams collaborate more effectively. There is increased confidence, more collaboration, and less time wasted.

With the Zoom app for Rocket.Chat, users can initiate, schedule, join, record, and share a meeting directly within a channel, as well as monitor meeting participants and duration. You can also send automated or personalized messages to particular channels to remind them of forthcoming meetings, agendas, or required preparation or materials. Also, when you paste Zoom meeting URLs into Rocket.Chat channels, these URLs will be automatically detected by Rocket.Chat and rendered in the Zoom interfaces, sparing you the trouble of switching between tools. The workspace admin can host more than one meeting. Though each user in the workspace will have the ability to create Zoom meetings on behalf of the administrator, the administrator can simultaneously host more than one meeting.

By integrating Zoom into your Rocket.Chat workspace, you can:

  • Start Zoom calls within a channel, room, discussion or direct message
  • Join Zoom meetings directly from Rocket.Chat 
  • Create a new meeting room by leveraging the /zoom slash commands
  • Paste Zoom URLs in channels to get them rendered in the Zoom interface directly
  • Set Zoom as your default provider and initiate Zoom calls at the click of a button

Note to existing Zoom app users: Please be aware that on September 8, 2023 Zoom deprecated its JWT authentication method. As a result, all JWT applications were deactivated, and existing integrations were no longer be able to interact using the JWT app type. You must install the most recent version of the Zoom app to continue using this app. Refer to Zoom’s announcement for more information on the deprecation.

Refer to our technical documentation for more information on how to begin using the Zoom app within your Rocket.Chat workspace.

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