23 productivity tools developers must try in 2024

Sara Ana Cemazar
December 28, 2022
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You’re trying to focus on coding, but office chatter keeps disturbing you.

You want to reach your teammates, but they don’t respond to their emails.

You’re trying to find a piece of information related to your current project, but you don’t know where to start.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? We hope not.

Developers’ tasks are complex as is. But sometimes, productivity issues can add to their woe. Luckily, many tools are available to help you tackle this issue for your team and help them to remain efficient.

Let’s explore the best productivity tools to help raise your developers’ productivity this year.

23 developer productivity tools to try in 2024

Developer productivity tools are software programs and platforms to help developers function efficiently. These tools include:

  • code editors
  • IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)
  • version control systems
  • communication tools
  • project management tools

Let’s look at different types of developer productivity tools in detail.

Collaboration tools

Developers need to efficiently coordinate their work and communicate with each other, otherwise they can experience delays and missed deadlines. Collaboration solutions are developer productivity tools that help teams work together effectively. Here is a list of some popular chat apps many developers find helpful.

1. Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a free, open-source web-based application with a range of collaboration features and a broad range of integration. It is customizable and offers many usage purposes, including team communication, project management, etc.

Some valuable features of Rocket.Chat includes real-time messaging, file sharing, conferencing, and integrations with platforms like Google Drive, Trello, and GitHub.

You can install Rocket.Chat on premises or deploy it to the cloud. It is available in many languages and can be used on desktop and mobile devices as well. 

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2. Jira

Jira is a project and issue-tracking software that helps teams plan, track, and release software. It is developed by Atlassian and is widely used by software development teams to manage their workflows. It is available as a cloud-based service or as an on-premises installation, and you can use it on desktop and mobile devices.

It seamlessly integrates with many tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and so on. Jira also improves team communication through a built-in chat, comments, custom fields, etc.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp provides a central hub for all team communication and project-related activities. Unique features of Basecamp include a built-in chat feature, message boards, emails, and more. It also integrates with communication and chatOps tools to streamline the developer’s work.

Nowadays, developers also adopt newer collaboration models to streamline their work and eliminate information silos that delay decision-making. A level up from older tools, ChatOps, a conversation-driven collaboration, uses real-time chat tools and automation that promote more accessible instant messaging between developer and operation teams.

4. Unito

developer productivity tools

Unito is a no-code workflow management solution with the deepest two-way integrations for some of the most widely-used development tools on the market, like Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and more. With Unito, you can sync issues, tasks, and other work items back and forth between tools. And, unlike simple automations, Unito keeps everything updated in both tools.

This tool ensures that developers are never out of the loop, no matter which team they're working with — without learning any new tools.

QA (Quality Assurance) testing tools

It can be difficult for developers to identify and fix errors and defects in their code, which can lead to issues and problems with the software. QA testing tools are thus considered essential developer productivity tools.

It helps ensure that the software they create is high quality and meets the required standards. Let’s look at some popular quality assurance tools crucial for developers.

4. Testpad

devleoper productivity tools

TestPad is a web-based tool to help teams manage their testing routine and improve software quality. It is commonly used in QA testing to help teams plan, track, and report on their testing activities. Some unique features include test case management, test execution, defect tracking, templates, etc.

5. Xray

Xray is a testing and quality assurance tool for Jira to help teams manage their testing efforts and improve the quality of their software. It provides a range of features, including:

  • Test coverage to enable teams to track the extent to which their code has been tested.
  • Test automation for teams to save time and improve the efficiency of their testing efforts.
  • Custom fields for teams to personalize their testing efforts with custom fields and workflows.

Code-searching tools

It can be time-consuming for developers to locate specific pieces of code or information, slowing down their work and making it difficult to debug or maintain the code. Thus, having code-searching tools becomes crucial.

6. CodeSandbox

devleoper productivity tools

It is an online code editor and development environment to write, run, and share code in many programming languages. It makes it easy for developers to experiment with new ideas and technologies.

With CodeSandbox, you can create and edit code in a web-based editor and run the code in a virtualized environment. The platform offers many features to help you develop and test your code. Some common features include syntax highlighting, code compilation, debugging, testing, etc.

It also integrates with other tools and platforms, such as code editors and IDEs, to make it easier for developers to write and test code.

7. SilverSearcher

The SilverSearcher is a fast and efficient code-searching tool. It is an open-source tool for various operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. Features of SilverSearcher include quick search, customizations, file-type support, integration, etc.

8. GeekFlare

Developers can search for code snippets and examples using GeekFlare. They can search for code by language, keyword, or code type and provide access to an extensive library of code snippets and examples from many sources. The tool includes a list of relevant code snippets and examples you can browse and explore.

Time-tracking tools

These tools are crucial for developers because they help them track the time they spend on different tasks and projects. Using time-tracking tools, developers can divide their time and increase efficiency. Other benefits include enhanced project management, accurate billing, and so on.

9. DeskTime

devleoper productivity tools

DeskTime is a time-tracking tool that helps developers track their time on different tasks and projects. It is a desktop application and web-based service you can easily access. Some standard features include time tracking, productivity tracking, project management, custom reporting, and so on.

10. Timely

Timely is a time-tracking tool for developers who want to track their time and improve their productivity. You can use it as a desktop application or access it as a web-based service via a web browser. It helps users understand how they spend their time and identify areas for improvement. It provides a range of features, such as time tracking, reporting, integration, etc.

11. Clockify

Clockify helps developers track the time they spend on particular tasks and projects. You can create projects, set budgets and deadlines, assign tasks to team members, and observe the time spent on each task. Features of Clockify include time tracking, a customizable dashboard, custom reports, and more.

Pair programming tools

It is a software development technique in which two developers work together on one computer. One person writes the code while the other reviews and provides feedback. Pair programming can help developers improve the quality of their code, identify and fix defects and share knowledge. Let’s take a look at some popular and feature-rich pair programming tools.

12. Tuple

devleoper productivity tools

It is a web-based pair programming tool that can be accessed via a web browser and is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Tuple enables improved productivity and better project outcomes. It provides audio-video capabilities, screen sharing, internal chat options, productivity tracking, etc.

13. Motepair

Motepair is a remote pairing and collaboration tool that allows developers to work together in real-time. Its features are screen sharing, audio and video communication, and text chat. It makes it easy for developers to work together effectively, even when they're not in the same location.

Mote is valuable for developers who want to work together effectively without communication gaps. It can help improve teamwork, collaboration, and productivity for remote teams.

14. CodePen

CodePen is a web-based code editor and development environment that allows developers to write, test, and share their code. While it does not include features for pair programming, it does have features that can be useful for pair programming.

For example, CodePen allows developers to collaborate on projects in real-time and share their code and projects with others. It can be helpful for pair programming because it enables developers to collaborate and share their code and ideas in real-time.

It also provides a preview feature that lets developers see how their code will look and behave in a web browser.

Continuous integration/Continuous delivery (CI/CD) Tools

CICD is a software development practice that involves integrating code changes into a shared codebase, testing the code, and delivering it to users.

The goal of CI/CD is to improve speed and reliability by automating the building, testing, and deployment of code. It can help developers improve the quality of the software they produce. Here are the three widely popular CICD developer productivity tools.

15. Code Stream

devleoper productivity tools

CodeStream helps developers build, test, and deploy code. It is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed via a web browser and is available for many platforms, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Some popular features of  CodeStream are code analysis, continuous integration, deployment, and more.

16. Jenkins

Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD tool to help developers automate the software development process. It is known for its flexibility and comprehensive plugin support. Features of Jenkins include automation, deployment, integration, etc.

17. CircleCI

CircleCI is a CI/CD platform to help developers automate their software projects' build, test, and deployment processes.

Developers can set up a pipeline that builds, tests, and deploys code changes. It ensures that their software is up-to-date and ready for release. Some features of CircleCI include automated builds and integration with platforms like AWS, Kubernetes, etc.

Developer productivity tools for improving focus

There are many tools that developers across the world use to improve focus. They only need to identify the specific challenges they face, and then they can pick the tools and techniques that work best for them. Yet, here are some popular tools that assist developers in maintaining their focus on their tasks or project.

18. Pomofocus

devleoper productivity tools

Pomofocus is a time management tool based on the Pomodoro Technique. It is a time management method that involves working for a set period (usually 25 minutes) followed by a short break. The goal of this tool is to help developers stay focused and avoid burnout.

Features of Pomofocus include a timer, task management, notifications, and so on. Pomofocus also integrates with platforms such as code editors and IDEs.

19. Brain.fm

Brain.fm is a music streaming service designed to help users improve their focus and productivity. It includes a variety of music tracks specifically designed to help users focus, relax, sleep, or meditate.

20. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app to help users improve their focus and productivity. It includes a variety of guided meditation and mindfulness exercises that users can follow to help them relax and focus. Features of Headspace include meditation, mindfulness exercises, and integration with productivity apps and fitness trackers.

Unusual productivity helpers

Let's look at unusual developer productivity tools that help developers improve their performance.

21. Habitica

devleoper productivity tools

Habitica is a goal-tracking app to help developers improve their focus by gamifying their tasks. Users earn rewards and level up as they complete tasks and achieve their goals. It includes features that allow users to track their progress, earn rewards, and stay motivated.

22. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey helps developers improve focus and productivity by blocking distracting websites and applications. It is designed to help developers reduce screen time and focus on their work.

What benefits can you expect from introducing productivity tools for developers?

We're not suggesting that purely by introducing these apps developers can automatically become leaner and more efficient. But, they can if the productivity tools are integrated in their workflow, and they're not experiencing app fatigue, i.e. using too many apps for their own good.

Benefits that developer productivity tools yield include:

  • increased focus
  • better project alignment
  • improved speed and reliability of the code
  • faster deployment
  • less errors.

According to research, developers spend majority of their non-coding time (more than 5 hours per week!) on collaboration apps. See if you can make those apps fun, fast, and efficient for them.

Let's summarize

Developer productivity tools are essential to improve the efficiency of software development teams. They can help developers save time and effort, reduce bugs, and improve the quality of their code.

These tools help developers to focus on the core logic of their software development rather than spending time on mundane tasks. As a result, developers can produce high-quality software in a shorter amount of time. It ultimately leads to better project outcomes and higher customer satisfaction.

If you are wondering how you can transform your developer’s work experience through advanced technology communication tools? Try Rocket.Chat for free, and customize with collaborative tools and extensions.

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