Karan Batra: Automatic Channels creation in Rocket.Chat

Sing Li
July 2, 2017
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This series of blogs brings you a little closer to our active student contributors for the Google Summer of Code 2017 summer season. You will see their ongoing work featured throughout our GitHub repositories . Feel free to drop by and say hello, or start collaborating on any of the projects.Karan Batra fell in love with coding after his first college project and knew then that it was where he wanted his career to go. Now studying a for a Bachelors in Engineering and Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (University of Delhi), Karan is looking to inspire others to get into open source who may have struggled previously.Karan tells us he has a love for Javascript and a fascination with open source development and so, after hearing about Google Summer of Code, explored the organizations involved and decided he wanted to be mentored by Rocket.Chat.Karan loves the sense of satisfaction that contributing to the open source community brings him - something we hear a lot and of course agree with! Working with those of similar interests and motivations is what Karan says gets the best out of him.With the project Automatic Channels, Karan confides it "seemed really interesting to me. The scope of enhancing my skills in this area made me realize that, this is the best thing I can do this summer".Karan worked very hard perfecting his proposal for the Automatic Channels project. He took the opportunity to work closely with a mentor and his determination and skills really shone through. He believes this project is key.Between coding, cricket and volleyball, Karan has started a blog of his experiences here - we look forward to seeing what he has to say about his Summer of Code at Rocket.Chat!We will also be documenting our students' progress over the summer: Check the Rocket.Chat blog, Facebook and Twitter. Or, see the Google Summer of Code documents section on the Rocket.Chat website.

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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