Naman Gupta : Lightweight bandwidth-efficient client with PWA

Sing Li
July 2, 2017
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This series of blogs brings you a little closer to our active student contributors for the Google Summer of Code 2017 summer season. You will see their ongoing work featured throughout our GitHub repositories . Feel free to drop by and say hello, or start collaborating on any of the projects.Even as a young child, academic pursuits came naturally to our Google Summer of Code student Naman Gupta. He initially dreamed of becoming an automobile designer, but soon realized that computer science was his true calling. Naman particularly enjoys applying logic to solve problems, a skill he will be using during his work on the lightweight PWA web client project with Rocket.Chat.Naman is working towards a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, India. He enjoys the social aspect of the course as well as being part of such a reputable institution. Naman is passionate about coding, during the application and interview process we were hugely impressed by the breadth of his knowledge as well as his desire to learn.In addition to his coding skills, Naman's passion for open source makes him a good fit for Rocket.Chat. He explains "I believe in sharing knowledge. I always compare knowledge with breathing. We inhale and then exhale without any intention of storing oxygen. Similarly, I think we should interact, spread knowledge and help other coders regardless of competition".During this summer, Naman will be working with the Rocket.Chat team to make a light mobile client that a user will be able to use instead of iOS or Android. He has already spent time considering how he wants to build and test the client.Naman shares: "It will be a web app but not a traditional one. It should provide the same user experience as a native mobile app. It will be fast, work offline, network independent, cross-platform, more efficiently utilize bandwidth, and take less space. It will work as a lite client. I will be using Angular 4 with a touch of other libraries like RXJS and angular material. Many testing tools will be used like Jasmine and Karma. I will be following Google PRPL patterns and would try to achieve a higher lighthouse score (PWA score)".This project in particular interested him because it gives wider space, increased access, and the freedom to build anything. Although Naman has experience in his area, he knows the project will be challenging, and he is looking forward to benefiting from the expertise of his mentors.He is also looking to the future. Naman's summer internship with Rocket.Chat will be an important step towards his dream of setting up his own startup in the field of AI or machine learning.We will be documenting our students' progress over the summer: Check the Rocket.Chat blog, Facebook and Twitter. Or, see the Google Summer of Code documents section on the Rocket.Chat website.

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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