New Release Alert: Rocket.Chat 3.5

Lucia Fallavena
August 10, 2020
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Rocket.Chat 3.5 has just arrived! To summarize its most important features and explain what has changed, we’ve come up a list with the main changes for both Community and Enterprise edition. Check them below! :)

To view the entire list of new features, updates, and bug fixes click here.

Enterprise Edition (EE)

#18254 More Data Privacy For Push Notifications

Thanks to this feature, push notifications have become safer: now, only the ID of each message is shown with notifications. Username and content of the messages, for instance, won’t be shown inside notifications, guaranteeing even more privacy to communications.

In order to have this feature enabled, make sure to download the most recent version of Rocket.Chat’s mobile app. The feature comes enabled by default for mobile users.

#18093 New License Tags

Now, administrators can easily see the type of license they have in Rocket.Chat. The tag will be visible on the top-left corner of the administration area as a badge.

To find this feature, go to the Administration menu and look for the badge:

Administration Tags for Rocket.Chat Users

Community Edition (CE)

#18194 Brand New User profile and User card

We’ve improved Rocket.Chat’s UI: now, users have a brand new card to see information about other users, as well as a redesigned contextual bar with information. With the new user cards, you can quickly view the status, bio and other data about users:

User information

#18260 New User Field: Find people by their Nickname

In order to allow users to better identify users whenever they look for someone, we’ve come up with a new user field called Nickname. It can be useful for large organizations or countries where name repetition is common.

Choose user by their nickname


#17049 by @MarcosSpessatto

Improve performance and remove agents when the department is removed.

#18309 Mention autocomplete UI and performance improvements (New setting to configure the number of suggestions Admin > Layout > User Interface > Number of users' autocomplete suggestions (default 5)

  • The UI shows whenever the user is not a member of the room
  • The UI shows when the suggestion came from the last messages for quick selection/reply
  • The suggestions follow this order:
  • The user with the exact username and member of the room
  • The user with the exact username but not a member of the room (if allowed to list non-members)
  • The users containing the text in username, name or nickname and member of the room
  • The users containing the text in username, name or nickname and not a member of the room (if allowed to list non-members)

? 31 Bug fixes

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Lucia Fallavena
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