New release: what's new on Rocket.Chat 3.7

Manuela Massochin
October 7, 2020
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New releases: we love it and we know you do too! To better understand what’s new on Rocket.Chat this month, we listed all of our (very exciting) new features and improvements below.

You can check the full list of updates here!

New Features

#18839 "Room avatar changed" system messages

Whenever someone changes the avatar of a channel, discussion or group, an automatic message is sent.

Rocket.Chat Release 3.7

#18882 Send E2E encrypted messages’ content on push notifications

Sends the content of end-to-end encrypted messages on Push Notifications, allowing new versions of mobile apps to decrypt them and to display the content correctly.

Messages can now be also encrypted in private groups and direct messages on our mobile version. We mentioned it in our Mobile Release post, in case you didn’t see it.

#18912 Apps: Add a Livechat API - setCustomFields

#18955 Apps: Add a new upload API

#18946 Apps: Add support for new livechat guest's and room's events

#19002 Apps: Add support to the "encoding" option in http requests from Apps

#19047 Apps-Engine v1.18.0

#18975 Retention policy precision defined by a cron job expression

#17012 UploadFS respects $TMPDIR environment variable (by @d-sko)


#18875 Add "Allow_Save_Media_to_Gallery" setting

Added a new setting to allow/disallow saving media to device's gallery on mobile client.

#18928 Move jump to message outside menu

#18608 Stop re-sending push notifications rejected by the gateway

? 39 Bug fixes

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Manuela Massochin
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