Pradeep Kumar: Bridging the email and chat divide with Personal Gateway

Sing Li
July 2, 2017
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This series of blogs brings you a little closer to our active student contributors for the Google Summer of Code 2017 summer season. You will see their ongoing work featured throughout our GitHub repositories . Feel free to drop by and say hello, or start collaborating on any of the projects.As someone who has always been interested in computers and how they work, Pradeep Kumar was extremely keen to find experience outside of his Computer Science & Engineering course at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Bihar (IIT Patna).After some exploration, Pradeep found out about Google Summer of Code and was especially interested in Rocket.Chat's project "Integrated personal email gateway". Pradeep explained to us that he had some experience on a similar project and feels this is one of the most useful and necessary features to boost communication among groups.Pradeep has shown great understanding of the importance of this project. He explains that "the ability to reply to received messages through emails will provide users with the facility to communicate, read and act even when they are away or offline. This will equip them with the means to message instantly using different devices anywhere, anytime and provide support to their fellows".Pradeep is confident that he is a good fit for this project. Aside from a passion for problem solving, especially "real world" problems, he has experience programming in Javascript where he has worked on a similar project for fun (we like this!).He spent time discussing various aspects of the project and its potential with mentors and, using his initiative, tested some of his strategies and implemented some open source libraries. We were impressed!Pradeep is excited to work with the Rocket.Chat community and embracing the opportunity to understand and learn industry-level programming standards and different technologies.He feels that being mentored by Rocket.Chat is a great step towards molding his career in programming. He recognizes that the active community on GitHub means there is great opportunity for learning, improving and adding to one of the most well-liked and emerging open source software platforms out there.If you want to follow Pradeep's progress over the summer, we will be sharing updates on the Rocket.Chat blog, Facebook and Twitter. Or, check out the always up-to-date Google Summer of Code documents section on the Rocket.Chat website.

Sing Li is one of the earliest contributing community members in Rocket.Chat.
Sing Li
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