Rocket.Chat 3.12: Check Out What’s New

Manuela Massochin
March 9, 2021
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We're incredibly happy to announce many new exciting features and improvements on Rocket.Chat 3.12. To keep you updated, we listed the hightlights of our newest release, including UX/UI and Omnichannel improvements. Make sure you check it out!

If you wish to view the full release, click here.


Button to unset Slackbridge's importIds (#20549)

Cloud Workspace bridge (#20838)

We now have a new CloudWorkspace functionality. It allows apps to request the access token for the workspace it's installed on, so it can perform actions with other Rocket.Chat services, such as the Omni Gateway.

Header with Breadcrumbs (#20609)

Discussion headers now provide a more complete set of information: you can check to which channel the discussion belongs to.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Statistics about language usage (#20832)

It is now possible to track what languages get picked the most as preferred UI language.

useUserData Hook (#20584)


Add symbol to indicate apps' required settings in the UI (#20447)

Apps are now able to define required settings. These settings should not be left blank by the user and an error will appear if an user attempts to save changes in the app details page leaving any required fields blank.

Keep in mind that the required fields are highlighted with a (*).

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Add visual validation on users admin forms (#20308)

Mandatory fields are now highlighted to the user when they’re not filled.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Added auto-focus for better user-experience. (#19954 by @Darshilp326)


Added disable button check for send invite button (#20337 by @yash-rajpal)

The “send invite” button is now only enabled when the user fills the required field with a valid email.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Added key prop, removing unwanted warnings (#20473 by @yash-rajpal)

Removes some unwanted warnings in console on userDropdown.

Added Markdown links to custom status. (#20470 by @yash-rajpal)

Links can now be added to users’ custom status.

Adds tooltip for sidebar header icons (#19934 by @RonLek)

The icons located in our sidebar now provide a tooltip when hovered over.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Better Presentation of Blockquotes (#20750 by @aditya-mitra)

Changed the values of margin-top and margin-bottom for first and last childs in blockquotes to increase readability.

  • Before:
Rocket.Chat 3.12
  • Now
Rocket.Chat 3.12

Improve the flow of the Live Chat widget registration form (#425)

When an automatic message is triggered via the Widget routes the visitor to the Chat Component. When this happened and the end visitor started typing, it was registered as a guest because the registration form doesn't appear again. To fix this issue a button is now displayed in the Chat Component instead of the Composer.

After this improvement, the user needs to click on the “Chat Now” button to start the chat, and will be able to register him/herself before chatting

Here’s what the new flow looks like:

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Improve UI/UX of livechat trigger messages on mobile (#553)

We <3 UX/UI improvements! The Live Chat interface was showing some problems when the user was browsing websites on mobile. After some UX/UI improvements, here’s how it should look now - a more user-friendly chat that doesn’t get in the way of what the user’s doing:

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Refactor Live Chat system messages (#554)

System messages in our Live Chat were not user friendly. If a Live Chat agent took action in the chat (forwarding the conversation to another agent, adding the chat back to the queue and so on) it was not well communicated to the user. Here’s how it looked like:

Rocket.Chat 3.12

In this improvement, our Design team has designed a new message component to render system messages on the Live Chat widget and tell the user what actions are being taken on the conversation in a clearer way:

Rocket.Chat 3.12

LiveChat registration form accepts mandatory custom fields with no value (#550)

The Live Chat registration form wasn’t validating custom fields that should be mandatory. As you can see on the image below, even though the field website is not filled, the Start Chat button is enabled - which shouldn’t happen.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

After this fix, the Start Chat button should only be enabled after the user has filled the mandatory fields.

Display transfer history message (#328)

Chat transfer history is now being stored as system messages, which means that these messages can now be displayed to the user. This way, the user has a clear view of what’s happening and which actions are being taken in the conversation.

Rocket.Chat 3.12

Change header based on room type (#20612)

It brings more flexibility, allowing us to use different hooks and different components for each header.

Check Live Chat message length through REST API endpoint (#20366 by @yash-rajpal)

This improvement added checks for message length for Live Chat message API, it shouldn't exceed the specified character limit.

Customize announcement (#20793 by @im-adithya)

Included new variables in customizable fields.

Make message field required in Omnichannel Triggers form (#20827)

New chat started system message for Omnichannel conversations (#20814)

In order to improve the communication between the Live Chat users and the widget, we've created a new system message that will be sent as soon as the chat starts.

Replace react-window for react-virtuoso package (#20392)

  • Remove:




  • Include:



Rewrite Call as React component (#19778)

Selector for default custom oauth key field (#20573 by @paulobernardoaf)

New selector field to change from the default username key field to the email key field.

Update rc-scrollbars (#20733)

? 74 Bug fixes

Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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