Rocket.Chat iOS 1.8 Released

Gabriel Engel
January 10, 2018
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Rocket.Chat is excited to announce our new release for iOS (1.8.0) with the following highlighted features:

  • Message reactions
  • Auto-completion for server commands
  • Access to admin panel
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Contributor spotlight

Luca Zimmerman is our featured contributor for this release. Thank you for your great work on testing the app and reporting issues.

Message reactions

Users can see, add, or remove emoji reactions to any message. Rocket.Chat iOS also supports custom emojis in reactions.


Auto-completion for server commands

Slash commands are shown in auto-complete view. This feature will only work on Rocket.Chat servers above 0.60.0.


In-app access to admin panel

Users with an admin account will be able to access the admin panel from Rocket.Chat iOS.

Improved performance

This release is faster and more reliable.

Improved autocompletion for user mentions

When searching for another user, users who have most recently sent a message appear first. Usernames are filtered by contains and not begins with.

More efficient channel creation

Create a new channel and add users to it at the same time.

Release contributors

This release was made possible thanks to the hard work of the following contributors:

Release changelog

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, please see the full Rocket.Chat iOS 1.8.0 release changelog on GitHub.

Leo Major

Gabriel Engel is the CEO and co-founder of Rocket.Chat, the leading open source communications platform.
Gabriel Engel
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