Teams: Efficiently Manage Your Remote Team on Rocket.Chat

Lucia Fallavena
April 7, 2021
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One minute you’re on cloud nine, productively working on your collaboration tool until…
A new member joins the team, and you must add them to every relevant channel of your platform. You include that new user and have to repeat the manual process over and over.

Suddenly you’re worried about how you’ve been using your time. Wouldn’t it be easier if your collaboration platform had a faster way to manage and deal with users?

Say hello to Teams – Rocket.Chat’s new feature released with Rocket.Chat 3.13 to save you time and amplify your communication with remote teams.

Team management made easy

Now, instead of creating specific channels for your company’s teams or managing users one by one, you can easily group users as Teams on Rocket.Chat. A team is a digital workspace, which can be public or private, meant to facilitate remote collaboration among teammates.

Teams allows you to handle multiple users at the same time efficiently, so you don’t need to go through the manual process of adding users repetitively. Time-wise, that’s an invaluable resource, especially for large enterprises with multiple users.

Teams provides you with multiple avenues to stay productive while handling user groups.

Quickly onboard new users with auto-join channels

autojoin teams

When you create a Team, it can have Auto-join channels – channels to which the team members are automatically added. It reduces extra work with handling users and the channels where they must be included. It’s also handy for onboarding purposes and teams with a large number of different channels.

For instance, you can use Auto-join to quickly include new members who have just joined the company to specific onboarding channels. Or you could set Auto-join to automatically include team members in company-related channels, such as channels meant to share updates and company news.

Instantly mention multiple team members

mention teams

Effective communication starts with making sure that everyone is on the same page. With Teams, you don’t need to remember everyone’s name to communicate with a team quickly. Just mention a Team — @engineers, for instance — and all members will be instantly notified. This feature is currently available for Enterprise customers.

Efficiently handle teams’ privacy & permissions

Teams can be set as private – only invited users can join them, or public – visible to all Rocket.Chat users and findable through the platform’s spotlight.

Moreover, you can leverage teams for specific discussions and topics. When creating a team, it’s possible to define both permission and encryption levels for its channels:

  • Read Only: Allow users from the team to write messages or simply receive them
  • Encrypted: Enables end-to-end encryption across all messages exchanged by the team
  • Broadcast: Only authorized users can write new messages, but the other users will be able to reply

Easily connect Teams to existing user directories (Coming Soon)

Using Teams will be a piece of cake for IT teams that already mapped their organization’s teams through Active Directory groups or Keycloak. The feature connects Rocket.Chat to your company’s infrastructure at ease, so whenever you update a department or user information, Rocket.Chat will receive those updates in real-time too.

That’s particularly beneficial if you manage large teams, constantly creating or deactivating members. The feature ensures that as you update your workgroups and new members are added or deleted, Rocket.Chat’s teams are automatically aligned with it. This feature is expected for the next release (May).

Quick steps to create your team on Rocket.Chat

create team

Setting up your first team should be easy as both community and enterprise clients can access that feature. Follow the steps below to create your very first team:

  • Open Rocket.Chat and click in Create New - Team
  • Define privacy and encryption options for your team
  • Include all members who should join the team
  • Click in “create”, and done - your new team is ready!

Ready to get the best out of your team?

Take the first step with Rocket.Chat, the remote-first hub that will help you boost team productivity by centralizing communication and customer support in one place. Own your data while leveraging a secure and customizable platform chosen by 12M+ users.

Product Marketing Manager at Rocket.Chat. Lucia keeps our readers informed about the latest Rocket.Chat product news & improvements.
Lucia Fallavena
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