8 best work chat apps for improved workplace communication

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August 16, 2022
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Effective communication is integral for a transparent and streamlined workflow - and the way we communicate at work is undergoing a transformation.

Employees seldom rely on email communication these days. People are more likely to respond to messages faster over a work chat app than through emails. Workplaces are becoming increasingly friendly and informal. Communication software and tools have a lot to do with revolutionizing this aspect of workplace culture.

Group chat apps for work are the hearthstone of the modern-day workplace, bringing all employees on the same page in no time. An application like Slack, MS Teams, or Rocket.Chat is a necessary addition for a smooth workflow these days.

To give you an insight into today’s work chat app market, we made a well-researched list with the best tools for organizations of all sizes. Let’s jump right into it!

The best workplace chat apps

Transferring messages, multimedia content, files, and important group discussions can occur over chat apps. They work as virtual offices, bringing together all teams using a common platform. After scrutinizing over twenty instant messaging apps for work, we have shortlisted eight of the best.

Our list of work chat apps includes industry giants with a trustworthy brigade of customers. They stand out amongst competitors by being user-friendly and customizable, making integration easy and streamlining workflow.

Here is our choice:

1. Rocket.Chat
2. Slack
3. Chanty
4. Pumble
5. Flock
6. Connecteam
7. Ryver
8. MS Teams

Read on to get a detailed insight into every one of the apps.

1. Rocket.Chat

work chat app

Rocket.Chat is an open-source communication platform that organizations primarily use to establish clear communication between employees, partners, and customers.

Rocket.Chat allows tasks, messages, and discussions to occur over one platform and can be used to create chat spaces within applications and websites, allowing visitors to communicate with the organization. This workplace chat is especially suited to organizations that need to communicate according to the highest cybersecurity standards.


1. Rocket.Chat is 100% customizable and can be self-hosted or air-gapped.

2. It is E2E encrypted and ISO 27001 certified.

3. Rocket.Chat is compliant with CCPA, LGPD, HIPAA, and GDPR.

4. Customers get complete access to Rocket.Chat’s code and offers security assurances.

5. Rocket.Chat helps establish internal and external communication by enabling vendors, website visitors, and app users to communicate with the brand.


1. Free - Rocket.Chat has a basic Community free option that allows team collaboration and unlimited one-on-one and group messaging. It is perfect for small teams.

2. $7.00 per month - This plan offers high-level security and regulatory compliance, performance, and scalability. The Enterprise option is perfect for teams that seek centralized admin controls. Learn more about its add-ons here.

3. $35 per month - This Enterprise option is based on the number of omnichannel agents. This plan includes everything in Community and more. By sharing your requirements, Rocket.Chat’s team will allocate a package that suits your budget and needs. Talk to us today!

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2. Slack

work chat app

Since 2013, Slack has been revolutionizing organizational communication. It is the go-to app for many high-end companies across the world. Slack does everything from instant messaging (IM) services to file sharing and automatic updations. It can be used on different devices too, and it supports iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, web, and Linux.

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1. Slack allows you to create specific channels for different projects/needs, bringing together teammates to work together faster.

2. It allows firms to simultaneously set common reminders and supply notifications to everyone.

3. Slack has provision for video and voice group calls.

4. You can directly share files on Slack by simply dragging and dropping.

5. Out of the 1500 apps available in the Slack App Directory, you can choose the apps you want to integrate with its software.


1. Freemium - This basic, free plan integrates around ten third-party applications and allows one-on-one calls. It allows 5 GB of storage space for each team.

2. Standard ($6.67 per user/month) - The Standard plan offers provision for unlimited messages and app integrations. It also allocates provision for screen sharing between 15 participants.

3. Plus ($12.5 per user/month) - The premium plan allows 20 GB of storage for each team member. It has an advanced identity management option via SAML-based SSO and a real-time Active Directory sync.

3. Chanty

work chat app

Chanty is a work chat app ideal for startups and enterprises. Specifically designed for the Macintosh OS, Chanty offers online communication solutions and team integration facilities like messaging, file sharing, and group calls.


1. Chanty allows companies to manage tasks and track progress.

2. It pushes notifications and offers an Activity/News Feed page.

3. Thread-based messaging is another specification of Chanty.

4. You can integrate this application with Google Drive, Github, Dropbox, etc.

5. The Teambook feature helps organizations access all content, including contacts, tasks, and messages in one place.


1. Free Plan - The free plan allows teams of up to 10 members to integrate tasks and messages easily. It offers provisions for unlimited one-on-one calls and voice messages.

2. Business Plan - The business plan starts at $2.40 per user/month. The summer sale offered by Chanty allows file storage of up to 20 GB per user. Unlimited screen sharing, calls, data import, etc., are other add-ons.

4. Pumble

work chat app

Known as the free Slack alternative, Pumble permits teams of varying sizes to collaborate effectively. It enables an unlimited number of users to integrate for free online.

This software can be accessed via browsers or downloaded as an app using a mobile phone. Pumble allows internal and external communication with guest access options.


1. The thread features of Pumble help declutter messages and display an organic flow.

2. Pumble offers a DND option to facilitate positive workspace boundaries and productivity.

3. Pumble works on all kinds of operating systems and applications.

4. The User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design of Pumble are compatible with various devices.

5. Features like the ‘@mention’ and the search option make Pumble a very user-friendly software.


1. Free Plan - The free plan by Pumble allows an unlimited number of users to store messages with one-on-one voice and video calls. It also offers 10 GB storage for each workspace with link and file sharing provisions.

2. Pro Plan - The premium plan starts at $1.99 per user/month. Guest access, screen sharing, and extra 10 GB of storage for each user are a few of this plan’s specifics. It also allows companies to customize the sidebar for easy access.

5. Flock

work chat app

This group chat app for work helps teams collectively message one another via private and public channels. It includes most of the basic features of other work chat apps like video/audio calls, screen sharing, multi-user interface, etc.

Flock is an online collaboration platform that allows organizations to systemize all workplace conversations in real-time.


1. Flock facilitates users to create channels for specific purposes/projects/teams.

2. Remote workplace integration is enabled by this platform using features like video calls.

3. Flock has the option to integrate with more than 60 third-party applications. They include Google Drive, Google Calendar, Asana, Twitter, Trello, etc.

4. Flock is available in languages including Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English.

5. Some add-ons of Flock include a News Feed, Alert/Notifications, Blogs, Access Controls, and Calendar Management.


1. Free Plan - The basic plan by Flock allows up to 10K messages to be circulated across teams, with 10 GB storage space and limited admin controls.

2. Pro Plan - At $4.50 for each user/month, Flock’s pro plan allows 10 GB storage for each licensed user, with an unlimited messaging facility. Priority support is another ideal feature for a pro plan using a company with 20-100 members.

3. Enterprise Plan - The enterprise plan offered by Flock offers over 20 GB of file storage for each user with better admin controls. It has an active directory sync and group video call provision and many other features. This plan is ideal for teams consisting of 100+ members.

6. Connecteam

work chat app

This employee management and engagement software enables easy and transparent communication among different teams. Connecteam has group and private chat options with an employee directory and social posts.

It is a mobile-friendly app that allows communication with non-desk employees. Some of its features include status updates, a real-time chatbox, live polls & announcements, a suggestion box, etc.


1. Connecteam has time management features and employee scheduling and attendance tracking.

2. This online collaborative tool provides an integrated timesheet and a customizable administrative dashboard.

3. The software is optimized for complete mobile viewing and is easy to use with smartphones and tablets.

4. Connecteam allows teams to track daily tasks using automated scheduling. 

5. Benchmarking, application access control, news feeds, etc., are some of Connecteam’s other features.


1. Basic Plan - This $29/month basic plan allows around 200 users to message and share files. It facilitates basic features including job scheduling, forms, quick tasks, time clock, etc.

2. Operations Advanced Plan - Up to 200 users can use this plan which is priced at $49/month. Advanced filtering and bulk actions, auto clock out, lock days in timesheets, etc., are some of this plan’s add-ons with all of the basic features.

3. Operations Expert Plan - In addition to all features allowed by the advanced plan, this $99/month package allows users to view and edit personal profiles and provides in-app shortcuts. Live GPS tracking and process automation are inclusive.

7. Ryver

work chat app

Ryver is a cloud-based team organization software. It offers fully-integrated collaboration spaces like chatbox, tasks, calls (video and audio), etc. Easy sharing of files and links and easily-searchable content are other specifications offered by Ryver.

It works on Active Response Technology that mitigates errors and slow human response time risks.


1. Ryver has the ‘@mention’ feature and a news feed to track recent updates and occurrences.

2. It allows screen sharing.

3. Many important daily processes can be automated with Ryver’s interface.

4. Checklists and tags are other add-ons.

5. Ryver allows group messaging, conversation repository search, and file-sharing for easy team integration.


1. Starter Pack - The basic plan offered by Ryver allows up to 12 users to share unlimited messages, files, and voice/video multimedia. The plan is valued at $69/month. Task management is another feature of this plan.

2. Unlimited Plan - Custom invite links, task management, and file and multimedia sharing are part of this unlimited plan. It is priced at $99/month. Up to 30 users can share the Ryver platform under this plan.

3. Enterprise Plan - The enterprise plan has provisions for workflow automation, single sign-on, team and task management, etc. in addition to basic features. It is valued at $34.67 per user/month.

8. MS Teams

work chat app

For organizations that have purchased Microsoft Business Essentials or the Premium package, Microsoft Teams is a reliable work chat app to install. This group chat app for work is a good choice if you need to have your workplace operations integrated with Office 365.

MS Teams can be integrated with platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and other Microsoft software.


1. You can share any Office or OneDrive file and edit it with a team on the work chat app.

2. Group chat, contact search, activity feeds, assistant bots, etc., are a few of its special features.

3. ‘@ mention’, conversation search, and high contrast mode are inclusive of MS Teams’ accessibility features.

4. MS Teams allows customizable alerts, channel creation, multi-factor authentication, and meeting schedule.


1. Freemium - This basic plan is for users/firms that don’t have commercial Office 365. This plan allows unlimited message search, audio/video calls, etc., for up to 300 people. This plan is a great starter pack for small organizations.

2. Office 365 Business Essentials - Priced at $5 per user/month, this plan allows organizations to schedule and record meetings. Up to 300 participants can attend these meetings and each user is offered up to 10 GB of cloud storage.

3. Office 365 Business Premium - This plan, priced at $12.50 per user/month, allows users to have group audio conferences. Organizations can access these office apps' web and mobile versions with expanded cloud storage per user.

4. Enterprise - For large firms, the enterprise plan of MS Teams is more viable. Pricing will vary according to the plan and requirements that are chosen. It accommodates as many as 300 team members.

How organizations benefit from workplace chat apps

1. Increased productivity

A team that is always on the same page and quick with responses tends to be more productive. If every little message needs to be communicated over emails or physically delivered, a team's productivity would be severely affected.

Transparent communication can help with better accountability among employees as well. Team chat apps can help track the progress of the workflow too.

2. Better connection among teammates

An easy-to-use work chat app brings people together in the most organic way possible, bridging gaps and mitigating miscommunication. Such group chat apps for work help increase employee engagement and help keep teammates connected at all times. This can prove crucial when there is a need to pass on messages regarding last-minute changes. 

3. Enables remote and hybrid work

The post-COVID era is all about hybrid work environments. The work-from-home culture is no more a matter of fiction. 

A work chat app can help remotely-working employees work just as efficiently as those working from the office. Virtual meetings, sharing tasks, and brainstorming can occur over these chat apps. 

4. Time-saving

Often, working smarter is desirable over working harder. Effectively utilizing time can minimize workload considerably and make assignments fun to do. 

Smooth, transparent communication is the foundation of saving time. While working together as a team, time management is of utmost significance. 

Work chat apps ensure effective collaboration by saving considerable time and lessening expenses.

5. Improves team relations

A workplace doesn’t have to be a dreaded place for employees. We have friends among colleagues and often enjoy these relationships. 

New projects and assignments are oftentimes fun collaborations for teammates. By using group chat apps for work you can ensure healthy relationships among teammates. This, in turn, develops a healthy work environment by establishing friendly connections in the workplace.

6. Enhances organizational communication

The ultimate purpose of a work chat app is to improve organizational communication among colleagues. This will eventually help with better productivity for the organization. 

Enabling easy team collaboration and time conservation improves the entire operational trajectory of a firm. Communicating over a work chat app may seem like a small step toward change. However, in the long run, it helps improve productivity and establish transparency across the organization.

Key takeaways

There are numerous workplace chat apps on the market today - so many that they might start to look alike. 

The importance of team communication in the workplace is undeniable. That’s why so many work chat apps incorporate features that make communication easy - with direct messages, channels, sharing different file formats, video conferencing, integrations with other tools, and more.  

What we believe should be a key differentiating factor is - security. That’s why Rocket.Chat was built with an extra level of security in mind - so that all communication stays private and data remains safely in the hands of the organization.

Get in touch with our team or start a free trial of Rocket.Chat and enjoy all the benefits of secure team communication.

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