How to choose the right Skype for Business alternative?

6 things to consider when choosing a replacement

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Microsoft's decision to sunset Skype for Business Server (SFB Server) prompts organizations around the globe to revisit their communication strategies. Maintaining old software without complementary support usually involves a lot of effort, and if you don't switch from Skype for Business Server by October 2025, you will not receive any security updates or patches, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Organizations are advised to migrate to MS Teams, an imposed alternative that doesn't support self-hosted deployment. If you intend to remain on-premises and your company is not comfortable exposing sensitive information to third-party cloud providers, the time to look for a suitable replacement is NOW.

In this whitepaper, we'll look at the challenges that arise as extended support expires, as well as important factors to consider when transitioning from SFB Server.

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