[.c-title-2]Manage [.c-blue]Telegram[.c-blue] conversations from a single inbox.[.c-title-2]

Take full advantage of WhatsApp Cloud API

Improve customer service and maximize customer satisfaction by centralizing Telegram messages on Rocket.Chat.

The need to provide customer service on Telegram


monthly active users worldwide choose Telegram as their daily messaging app.


the number of daily messages sent by Telegram users worldwide daily.


the average message opening rate on Telegram.

Harness the power of Telegram conversations

Delight Telegram customers while achieving maximum customer service performance.

[.c-title-comm]Engage clients with multimedia chat[.c-title-comm]

[.c-text-comm]Enable customers to send pictures, videos, audio, or documents.[.c-text-comm]

[.c-title-comm]Help customers faster with modern support features[.c-title-comm]

[.c-text-comm]Ticketing system, bots, saved responses, file sharing, and unlimited chat history.[.c-text-comm]

[.c-title-comm]Accelerate CX with one team inbox[.c-title-comm]

[.c-text-comm]Move away from multiple email inboxes. Handle support workload on a single platform.[.c-text-comm]

[.c-title-comm]Lead support teams to reach their full potential[.c-title-comm]

[.c-text-comm]Role-based permissions, intuitive dashboards, and real-time performance data.[.c-text-comm]

Everything other platforms do, just no hidden charges.

One flat fee per business number to leverage the official WhatsApp API. No setup cost.
Enterprises workspaces only pay the WhatsApp’s standard rate - free of unexpected fees

Communicate with customers efficiently on Telegram

Transfer files with speed and security

Allow agents and clients to exchange images, files, audio, location, and videos.

Improve response times with pre-built replies

Create saved replies for commonly asked questions. Set rules to close inactive conversations to keep agents focused.

Choose specific teams to handle Telegram customers

Support clients faster by defining specific teams and departments to receive all Telegram messages.

See the history of every customer interaction

Quickly access past conversations regardless of which channel they reconnect with you from.

Connect a Telegram bot to Rocket.Chat in minutes

See how easy it is to get started.
Already a user? This integration is available with Rocket.Chat's Enterprise edition.
Don't you have the benefits of the Enterprise plan yet? Alternatively, you can use our WhatsApp Business paid subscription enabled by 360dialog - a third-party service.
  1. Create a new bot (BotFather) on Telegram.
  2. Install the Telegram app from within Rocket.Chat’s Marketplace.
  3. Paste the Telegram API token on your Telegram app within Rocket.Chat.
  4. You are all set! Start chatting with Telegram customers :)

“A huge differentiator to win more business…”

“Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to deliver and win customers without sending engineers on site. The Omnichannel Feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support, a huge differentiator to win more business.”
Mike Schwartz
CEO & Founder at Gluu


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  • Enterprise-grade security & full data compliance
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