[.c-title-2]Deliver an excellent customer experience with [.c-blue]Voice Channel[.c-blue][.c-title-2]

Take full advantage of WhatsApp Cloud API

Collaborate with your clients in a timely and secure manner while saving costs through the simplicity of managing internal and external communication in an all-in-one platform.

Secure messaging platform for Government and Defense

Take full advantage of WhatsApp Cloud API

Government agencies are looking to integrate disconnected systems, information, teams, and tools into a secure, productivity-first platform. To harness the power of internal and cross-organizational collaboration in Federal, State, and Local Government organizations, it’s essential to use a secure messaging platform in compliance with industry and local regulations.

Why Voice Channel is a critical element to fully enabling your integrated omnichannel strategy


Consumers interviewed believe that using voice enables them to resolve issues faster


of respondents say they experienced an increase in productivity from using voice solutions


of respondents expect voice tech to be one of the most important aspects of their future enterprise strategy


Customer experience is the number one reason to use voice channel

Keep your voice communication secure and compliant

Voice is a popular channel to address sensitive information and can't be unprotected.

Take full ownership of your conversations

[.c-text-comm]Leverage secure, self-managed installations in your data center.[.c-text-comm]

Protect the privacy and integrity of your data while in transit

[.c-text-comm]All the traffic is encrypted to enable the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, ensuring more protection against eavesdropping and tampering.[.c-text-comm]

Connect with the most secure VoIP servers

[.c-text-comm]Asterisk, FreePBX and Issabel.[.c-text-comm]

Everything other platforms do, just no hidden charges.

One flat fee per business number to leverage the official WhatsApp API. No setup cost.
Enterprises workspaces only pay the WhatsApp’s standard rate - free of unexpected fees

Say goodbye to landline phones

Less cost, more options

Get more out of voice channels through the possibilities of starting outbound calls and receiving inbound calls with a single click, checking call information and history, muting or holding, adding wrap-up notes and tags to each call, as well as SIP extension management capabilities.

Engage your company to delight your customers from the first contact

Enjoy the convenience of having one unified platform and allow your agents to support customers while being supported by your team or smart automation.

Improve your customer service intelligence

Use #channels or #discussions to centralize communications and decrease average ticket resolution time. It’s never been easier for everyone in the customer service team to be up to date!

Getting started with Voice Channel in Rocket.Chat

See how easy it is to get started.
Voice Channel is available with limited functionality in our Community Edition and with full capabilities in our Enterprise Edition.
Don't you have the benefits of the Enterprise plan yet? Alternatively, you can use our WhatsApp Business paid subscription enabled by 360dialog - a third-party service.
  1. Configure your PBX Server
  2. Enable Voice Channel in your Administration - Settings
  3. Configure WebSocket Server Connection
  4. That’s it! Start receiving and making phone calls via Rocket.Chat!

“A huge differentiator to win more business…”

“Thanks to Rocket.Chat, we figured out how to deliver and win customers without sending engineers on site. The Omnichannel Feature enables us to provide enterprise-level support, a huge differentiator to win more business.”
Mike Schwartz
CEO & Founder at Gluu


The #1 platform for exceptional customer service

  • Integrations with major social channels, chatbots, CRM and machine learning apps
  • Open source transparency & flexibility
  • Analytics & real-time monitoring tools to gain key insights into CX
  • Enterprise-grade security & full data compliance
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in over 150 countries

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