Sanwa Comtec K.K.

Relentless pursuit of the 3 valued harmonies with customers, business partners and employees

About Sanwa Comtec K.K.

Sanwa Comtech Co.Ltd. Has been in business for 30 years, consistently focusing on ‘first and foremost’ detection of advanced foreign IT technology and have created new business with anticipation of the "needs" of our customers. The combination of the 3 harmonies made Sanwa Comtec, and we were able to move forward while growing for as long as 30 years. Sanwa Comtech will continue to refine the strengths, uniqueness and advancedness formed by the three harmonies, and continue to take on challenges and grow so that we can firmly meet the expectations of each of the three harmonies.

Main expertises

1. An IT technology company that specializes in new market creation (type) business that first detects and anticipates the "necessity" of customers

2. An elite group that is capable to maintain high technology

3. Operating from a global perspective securing high profits and continues to grow

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