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Unated States, Delaware
February 3, 2021

Rocket.Chat raises $19 million in Series A funding confirming privacy-first communication as a major trend in 2021

Rocket.Chat raises $19 million in Series A funding confirming privacy-first communication as a major trend in 2021
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Just as the Internet once revolutionized the communications world, our mission of building the world’s largest open-source communication platform is closer than ever.

We’re proud to announce that Rocket.Chat raised $19 million in Series A funding, a key step to unlocking Enterprise collaboration’s future.

In addition to millions of users and a strong community supporting our platform daily, we go into this new chapter supported by incredible investors: Valor Capital Group, Greycroft, Monashees, NEA,, Graphene Ventures, ONEVC, and DGF.

We’re getting closer to writing a new page in the history of modern communication. To prove that the future of communication is not on closed systems. To enable conversations to be easy, open, and flexible. Just like in real life.

Gabriel Engel

Gabriel EngelFounder and CEO of Rocket.Chat

Changing the Narrative on Enterprise Communications: Why did we raise a Series A?

Since our early days, we’ve tripled our team and grown our user base by 500% and our open-source community by 260%. All thanks to a rapidly-growing base of enterprises. They chose Rocket.Chat not only as their enterprise messaging app – but as a building block to connect people and companies.

On top of that, the adoption of digital workspaces skyrocketed in 2020. Data privacy and security are now major concerns for software users, matching Rocket.Chat’s goal of building a flexible and transparent hub that gives back privacy and control to companies.

Where does Rocket.Chat go from here?

Roadmap Boost

Our Engineering Team is committed to turning Rocket.Chat into the main workspace where teams get their work done. We aim to lower barriers and empower users to adapt the hub according to their needs. We will improve product quality focusing on stability, scalability, and security and make the product even more user-friendly and easy to contribute.

Rodrigo Nascimento

Rodrigo NascimentoChief Technology Officer at Rocket.Chat

Here is a sneak peek of Rocket.Chat’s roadmap for 2021:

  • Security Bundle: New features to increase messaging security, such as Data Loss Prevention and Antivirus apps
  • Blockchain Federation: Resources to facilitate the interconnection among Rocket.Chat native servers
  • Marketplace Enterprise Apps: Increased and diversified Marketplace offer, allowing users to build their own apps
  • Smart Bots: Improved conversation components with a broader range of rich media options, e.g audio & video
  • Omnichannel Integrations: New Email Channel allows agents to connect their email boxes and support clients entirely from Rocket.Chat. Also, new integrations for Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels to come.

Community Growth

As a world-scale open source company, we are leveraging the product-led-growth momentum of our team collaboration community and amplifying it across new investment areas in omnichannel and beyond.

Continuing our work with leading open source organizations and building the best growth team in the industry with proven veterans as well as home-grown talents in 2021, we aim to make Rocket.Chat the most important collaboration platform for our global community.

Sing Li

Sing LiChief Opportunities Officer

Here is how we're going to empower our community in 2021:

Grow community in new verticals

Build and grow our community around omnichannel, plus new verticals such as virtual conferences, AI/ML bots, education, digital sovereignty and telehealth. Work with open source partners to enhance our code and capabilities in these areas.

Community Events Schedule

Plan and host regular global community meetups, hackathons, contests, podcasts and webinars. Rocket.Chat presence in major industry and developer events. Increased participation in our open source partner’s events. Annual community and dev summits.

Establish Training and Certification Program

Help community members with learning the skills that they need to maximize their use of Rocket.Chat as a communications platform.

Deployment and DevOps Expansion

Make it easier for our community to deploy Rocket.Chat on their hardware or cloud platforms. Update, maintain and expand the support for 30+ deployment methods + cloud-marketplaces. Create documentation (and training) for deploying Rocket.Chat at-scale on clusters with Kubernetes.

Get Ready: It’s time for Conversations 2.0 ?

The future of communication is not on closed systems. It has never been: there are cycles where closed systems dominated the way businesses and society communicated, but invariably, the open systems win in the long run because of their universal spread.

This achievement will drive our platform forward to to keep exceeding customers' expectations. Beyond efficient workflows, seamless integrations, and unified communication.

We we want to empower companies to make communications their own. And we are committed to achieving that by following our passion for security, innovation, data ownership, and transparency. Ready to join our rocket?

Product Marketing Manager at Rocket.Chat. Lucia keeps our readers informed about the latest Rocket.Chat product news & improvements.
Lucia Fallavena

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