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United States, Delaware
March 2, 2020

The Wonderful Rocket.Chat Summit 2020, Gramado, Brazil

The Wonderful Rocket.Chat Summit 2020, Gramado, Brazil
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From January 15th to 24th all the members of the Rocket.Chat family had an amazing time meeting all their national and international colleagues. The 2020 Summit consisted of two weeks full of adventures, workshops, discussions, and many other activities that granted an unforgettable time together.


This is the conducive time and the only period in the year where the integration and strengthening of the team takes place, where there is no more distance and time zone differences in the team.

In this edition, the headquarter located in Porto Alegre hosted all of us during the first week followed by Canela, Três Coroas and Bento Gonçalves.

Each city had something special. The distinct activities, workshops and challenges will for sure make each city unforgettable in our hearts.

The small details count! Sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner embellished with everyone's jokes, anecdotes and incredible stories and adventures. Wow, some of them were worth writing a book out of them!

Sharing and spreading the same dream


We are all going towards the same vision. Gabriel Engel, CEO, shared his story and how he and the first team members started Rocket.Chat from scratch.

After a very productive brainstorming session, We all defined and sharpened what values represent and differentiate us from our competitors. Additionally, each Rocket.Chat´s department shared their objectives and the roadmap for 2020.

We are excited to know that every single one of us in our team is an instrumental piece to achieve the defined goals. It is great to work on purpose, everyone supporting each other following the same dream.

The effort of everyone shall allow Rocket.Chat to become a worldwide reference of quality and collaborative open source software.

Fun activities


Not everything was work. There was a lot of excitement and fun. Among the funniest group activities was the one that took place in Tres Coroas. The same consisted of creating teams. Each one of them had to do choreography. Then build a ship and, by rowing, reach the finish line first.

Individual activities were available as well. They were adapted for those risky lovers and those who preferred more calmed activities. Some of our bravest members did bungee jumping and canopy. But we also counted with rafting, paintball, and so on.

It was for sure a great experience. It was only possible with the unconditional support of Marcelo Schmidt, Thays Constante, Laura Coutinho and Otávio Torres who took care of all the details for a great event. We hope to see everyone again in 2021!

Gabriel Engel is the CEO and co-founder of Rocket.Chat, the leading open source communications platform.
Gabriel Engel

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