The 10 best communication tools for enterprise businesses

Sara Ana Cemazar
November 15, 2022
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Running an enterprise is no walk in the park. It could get overwhelming with more workforce, resources, and bigger goals. Streamlining communication and ensuring transparency can help smoothen enterprise businesses' workflow. This is where your choice of enterprise communication tools comes in.

Ensuring smooth dialogue in an enterprise might seem like a mammoth task, but it isn’t impossible. The best enterprises turn to certain business communication tools compatible with their size and complexity. 

What elevates a business communication tool to enterprise-grade? How difficult is it to choose the most appropriate one for your enterprise in a market flooded with options? 

This article will answer all your questions!

What makes an enterprise communication tool?

With so many communication tools in the market, how do you pick the right one? Before deciding, you need to know a few basic features that make a good communication tool. Additionally, you should be extra conscious of the attributes that make it suitable for large enterprising firms, as this could call for a different set of features.

Here are a few factors you must consider while choosing business communication tools for your enterprise.

1. Scalability

A reliable enterprise communication tool would be easy to scale. That is, it can efficiently accommodate a large number of users globally. A scalable communication tool will ‘grow’ with your business by adding more members as it expands, with seamless communication. 

2. Integrations

Enterprise communication tools would be easy to integrate with many software and tools, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Salesforce. Likewise, it needs to sync with other communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

3. Security

Security is of utmost importance regardless of the scale of your business. The business communication tool you choose should ensure data and operations security. It is a game-changer in establishing credibility and trust with your clients. Ensure that your communication tool abides by the latest ISO standards. Likewise, in-meeting controls and admin privileges are important factors for a communication tool.

4. Internal and external communication

You shall not have to install separate software to work remotely with your colleagues, partners, and customers. In addition to integrations and scalability, ensure that the tool you choose for your organization promises internal and external communication.

5 best communication tools for enterprises

Here are our recommendations for the best enterprise communication tools.

1. Rocket.Chat

enterprise communication tools

Rocket.Chat offers numerous features ideal for enterprises of all sizes. Rocket.Chat’s paid version allows users to support omnichannel conversation audits. It also offers custom Livechat Registration Form fields, which can help gather more customer information.

With Rocket.Chat, you can assign separate channels for your departments to communicate efficiently. This makes team collaboration a cakewalk! The platform carries out all internal and external communications easily.

Rocket.Chat is easily scalable. You can either choose microservices or deploy multiple instances of Rocket.Chat. It also supports Webhooks, which helps it to integrate with other tools and services. You may integrate your existing accounts in Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can conveniently integrate your social media channels with Rocket.Chat. 

Rocket.Chat is ideal for enterprises that prioritize security since it is ISO 27001 certified. It also provides end-to-end encryption to all conversations. You will completely own your data and have access to it. 

2. MS Teams

enterprise communication tools

Microsoft Teams is a conversation-centered collaboration platform ideal for enterprises. You can do everything from online meetings to sharing large files. With MS Teams, you can manage and track calendar invites, making online meetings easier, and even use translation while sharing files.

Some of the newest features of MS Teams include the Together Mode, where you can assign seats to people, Live Translated Captions (Premium feature), detailed call history, and more. The newest updates make this a must-have enterprise communication tool. With reliable security and scalability options, MS Teams has become an industry favorite among enterprise communication tools. 

3. Pexip

enterprise communication tools

This business communication tool promises extra security in confidential meetings, personalized banking, and even hands-free work. Pexip’s meeting rooms help you connect with different teams without friction. You have complete control and privilege over your data and meeting info.

With Pexip, you can build customer engagement platforms and access scalable services with reliable digital associations. Pexip’s Enterprise offers more flexible video conferencing options. You can connect with clients and team members globally. Secure Spaces by Pexip is a video solution used even by legal firms that handle sensitive data. 

This tool is easily scalable and ensures 100% security. One of Pexip’s most significant promises includes more effective HR productivity with seamless interview scheduling and customizable screens. Unlike many other video collaboration applications, Pexip facilitates full-HD, high-resolution video and audio in live meetings.

4. Zoom

enterprise communication tools

Remote meetings are made easy by Zoom. It is one of the most-used enterprise communication tools. Zoom’s scalability makes it a convenient option for small and large businesses. 

You can record your meetings with Zoom and revisit them as you please. You can even break out into separate chat rooms after assigning different tasks to teams. This is great for team building and social bonding. You can opt for different backgrounds, live chat options, and reactions using Zoom.

The premium version of Zoom has a whiteboard feature that works wonders during brainstorming sessions. Zoom also has a cloud contact center platform and telephone facilities. However, these may not be as polished as their video conferencing options.

5. Happeo

enterprise communication tools

This social intranet platform is custom-made for enterprises that use Google Workspace. It is a one-stop hub for your company’s information and processes. It cuts down on resorting to multiple tools for various requirements. It keeps everyone on the same page with prompt posts and announcement facilities.

Most importantly, Happeo allows users or team members to take breaks for casual conversations and social bonding when work gets too overwhelming.

Happeo has many widgets and integrations that could elevate your business communication model. You can integrate this tool with Google Drive, Calendars, etc., or customize widgets. Happeo also offers multilingual support with a provision to create a homepage unique to your enterprise.

Happeo offers analytics, including engagement, search, and influencer. Its universal search option can save precious time.

Bonus: More enterprise-grade tools for your organization

Here are five more enterprise-level communication tools that could meet your needs.

1. Asana

enterprise communication tools

Asana makes project management easy. Its interface helps optimize team collaboration and task assignment. Its timeline feature can track progress and schedule projects. Additionally, Asana allows multiple integration options with third-party apps.

2. Confluence

enterprise communication tools

Atlassian’s Confluence is another enterprise communication tool that connects teams. The company wiki permits live editing for real-time updates. In line comments and mentions are other features that set Confluence apart. You can integrate JIRA and Hipchat with Confluence for better collaboration.

Find out what other collaboration tools are favored by software development teams.

3. Krisp

enterprise communication tools

As the name suggests, Krisp facilitates high-quality video conferencing by canceling echoes, background noise, and other sounds from the meeting. The speaker’s voice stands out clearly. This tool is beneficial if you need to conduct meetings in noisy areas. Using Krisp, you can even run a meeting during your commute.

4. Guru

enterprise communication tools

Guru helps companies host knowledge bases and online document storage. It facilitates easy knowledge sharing and seamless information transfer. Known also as Get Guru, this software is extremely helpful for effective management. It offers third-party integrations and has a Chrome extension for easy access.

5. RingCentral

enterprise communication tools

RingCentral offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. With this software, you can meet with clients one-on-one and have teams distributed worldwide without affecting your productivity. RingCentral is a well-known unified communications software, so if your business needs phone, video, and messaging in one, you should consider RingCentral.

Choose the best communication tool for your organization

When choosing a reliable communication tool for your enterprise, we recommend that you look into your organization's needs. Take time to compare features and prices before deciding. Most importantly, pick comfortable enterprise communication tools for your business, so all employees feel comfortable using them. User-friendliness is unavoidably important!

Another aspect of enterprise-grade communication software to be extra mindful of is security. Here at Rocket.Chat, we've built team collaboration tools for organizations that need an extra layer of security - protecting their business-critical data as well as customer data.

Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help your business stay secure and compliant while communication is optimized.

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