Introducing the new Starter & Pro plans

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December 1, 2023
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Summary - from Dec 1st, 2023

  • When installing or updating to Rocket.Chat v6.5+, you will be on the new Starter plan, which includes free access to nearly every premium feature at limited-scale use. As you scale your usage of Rocket.Chat (or if updating a workspace operating at scale), you will have the choice of upgrading to one of our paid plans (Pro or Enterprise) or reverting back to Community.
  • We’re also introducing a new paid plan, Pro. It provides an attractive and flexible option for scaling workspaces that wish to continue using premium capabilities.

In the last few years, we’ve seen Rocket.Chat grow from an open source messaging platform to a fully-featured, extensible, secure and compliant collaboration platform used by many of the world’s most regulated and security-conscious industries.

As a Commercial Open Source Business, during this time, we have added a wide range of premium capabilities that help organizations work more efficiently, communicate with their customers effectively, and extend Rocket.Chat intelligently.

This week we're excited to launch the new plans and pricing announced last summer, designed to ensure that all organizations, from small teams to large enterprises, can experience the benefits of our premium capabilities.

That said, we are proud to introduce two new Rocket.Chat plans, Starter and Pro, available with version 6.5 and beyond.

Visit our pricing page for a full plans comparison view

Introducing the new Starter plan

The new Starter plan ensures that those operating small environments (whether for trialing the platform, for small teams, or to simply connect with family and friends) have free and forever access to nearly everything Rocket.Chat has to offer.

This plan is exclusive for self-managed deployments and includes:

  • Up to 25 users 
  • Up to 100 monthly active contacts (omnichannel’s MAC)
  • Nearly all premium capabilities, including read receipts and multiple queues
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Unlimited apps
  • All channels, including WhatsApp (omnichannel)
  • Full Matrix federation
  • Advanced user data sync

If you exceed the scalability limits of the Starter plan or are updating a Community workspace that already has more than 25 users or 100 monthly active contacts (MACs), your workspace will automatically enter a 30-day trial for the plan that best supports your usage. During this trial period, while using our premium features, you have the option to upgrade to one of our paid plans (Pro or Enterprise), reduce your number of users to align with the Starter scalability limits, or easily switch back to the Community.

It is also important to highlight that our commitment to offering free open source options remains unwavering. For organizations that do not find value in our premium capabilities, Community option will always be available; if you choose to go that route.

Introducing the new Pro plan

As you scale your usage of Rocket.Chat, the new Pro plan provides an attractive and flexible option for organizations that wish to continue using premium capabilities. With the Pro plan, you can also benefit from Rocket.Chat support and hosting, if necessary.

The new Pro plan includes everything in Starter, plus:

  • Up to 500 users 
  • Up to 15,000 monthly active contacts (omnichannel) - as a tiered add-on purchased in packs of 3,000
  • Removable watermark 
  • Standard support
  • Standard Cloud hosting option as an add-on

For organizations operating at large scale, the Enterprise plan remains available

No major changes here. This is the only plan that offers the flexibility needed to operate large scale and highly compliant environments. It offers scalability through multiple server instances or a microservices architecture, advanced user management and compliance capabilities 

Updating to the latest version of Rocket.Chat

In addition to releasing v6.5, we are extending the deprecation date for our cloud services (marketplace apps, push notification and omnichannel gateway), mobile and desktop apps for unsupported Rocket.Chat versions.

All Community workspaces running an outdated version of Rocket.Chat will have this additional two weeks until December 15, 2023 to evaluate the new plans and update to a supported version of Rocket.Chat. To know which versions are currently supported, please refer to our version durability document.

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1. What do I lose by reverting back to Community?

Reverting back to the Community means you won't have access to the premium features and advantages of the Starter plan. Instead, you'll encounter some specific limitations characteristic of the Community. For instance, features like read receipts, which indicate message delivery, will not be accessible. Another notable example is the limit of 10,000 push notifications per month.

If your primary use of the Rocket.Chat platform revolves around communicating with consumers, the most significant losses are likely to be our tools designed to enhance the speed and precision of interactions. You won't have access to the full package of premium channels or the ability to create multiple queues, addressing each question to the appropriate department.

Take a look at this comparative table for a detailed breakdown of the benefits of the Starter plan in relation to the Community.

2. Once I revert back to Community, can I get my Starter license back?

Yes, but not immediately. You'll have the opportunity to regain the Starter plan upon updating your workspace to the next major release.

3. What happens if I go beyond the limits of the Starter plan?

Your workspace will automatically enter a 30-day trial for the plan that best supports your usage. During this trial period, while using our premium features, you have the option to upgrade to one of our premium plans (Pro or Enterprise); reduce your number of users to be aligned with the Stater scalability limits; or easily switch back to the Community.

4. My workspace currently has more than 25 users and/or exceeds 100 MACs. Can I update to 6.5?

Absolutely! We aim to make our premium features accessible to all organizations. In this scenario, your workspace will automatically enter a 30-day trial of either the Pro or Enterprise plan, depending on your current number of users or monthly active contacts. While you're using our premium features during this trial period, you'll have the flexibility to either upgrade to one of our paid plans (Pro or Enterprise) or switch back to the Community.

It's worth noting that the update to version 6.5 brings additional benefits besides providing access to the new plans. Staying up to date with the latest version of Rocket.Chat is always highly recommended. Learn more here.

5. Do you have a self-service option?

Yes, we offer this option for getting the Pro plan. Workspace admins can easily manage the whole acquisition process using the subscription management page.

On the other hand, purchasing the Enterprise plan is always facilitated by our sales team. This helps interested parties explore all available add-ons and take advantage of discounts based on usage scale.

6. As an existing Rocket.Chat paying customer, how will the new plans impact me?

If you have a yearly contract, the changes related to the new plans and pricing can be discussed during your contract renewal period. For monthly subscriptions, these changes are not directly tied to the version update and will be properly communicated in advance. This way, you'll have the opportunity to select the plan that aligns best with your needs.

7. If my workspace is running a version below 6.5, do I not have access to the new plans

Exactly, the benefits of Starter and Pro plans are exclusive to version 6.5 or higher. Moreover, be always aligned with the latest Rocket.Chat version ensures enhanced security for your workspace and other advantages. Learn more here.

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