Top 7 secure cloud collaboration tools for your business

Sara Ana Cemazar
January 18, 2024
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Remote and hybrid teams in forward-thinking organizations are frequently dispersed across geographical boundaries. Therefore, flawless communication and cooperation have become critical to success. 

Cloud platforms generally come with a range of capabilities, from secure file sharing to real-time document editing, in order to facilitate collaboration among teams throughout the workplace and around the world.

However, this heightened reliance on digital collaboration brings with it concerns about the security of sensitive information. Secure cloud collaboration tools have emerged as a balance between collaboration and data protection.

In this blog post, let's review some of the top secure cloud collaboration tools you can use today. 

What is secure cloud collaboration?

Secure cloud collaboration combines the convenience of cloud-based tools with robust data protection, enabling organizations to work on files and projects securely. These secure collaboration solutions are essential for maintaining data safety, regardless of whether the work environment is hybrid, onsite, or remote. 

This approach ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded while offering the flexibility and efficiency of cloud computing.

A secure collaboration platform keeps hackers out of your network by ensuring that there are no unsecured endpoints.

This is critical for firms that deal with sensitive client information or operate in heavily regulated industries. While team members communicate information with peers, stakeholders, and clients, the platform adds layers of verification to ensure that the content only reaches the intended recipient.

Secure collaboration tools are excellent for boosting the security ecosystem in your organization and facilitating team collaboration. On top of that, they also provide you with comprehensive control over your company's business-critical data. 

The core methods employed for secure cloud collaboration include: 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data loss prevention
  • Regular security audits
  • Access controls and permissions management
  • Continuous monitoring for unusual activity
  • Regular software updates and patches

Best 7 secure cloud collaboration tools for your business

In this list, explore the top 7 secure cloud collaboration tools that prioritize both collaboration excellence and robust security measures:

1. Rocket.Chat

secure cloud collaboration

Rocket.Chat distinguishes itself as a dynamic collaboration platform that reinvents secure team communication. This open-source tool provides a wide range of capabilities, including chat, file sharing, and video conferencing, all while prioritizing industry-grade security standards.

It is popular as an all-in-one, collaborative, and easy-to-scale solution that securely enables real-time communication between teams. Rocket.Chat allows users to share updates on the go across diverse platforms, as it can be integrated with multiple apps and powerful plugins to deliver a customized messaging experience.

Whether your team is working on projects, discussing crucial business matters, or conducting virtual meetings, Rocket.Chat can offer a secure environment that promotes efficient and confidential collaboration.

Security features of Rocket.Chat:

  • Multi-factor authentication: Enhancing user account security, Rocket.Chat supports multi-factor authentication(MFA). This additional layer of verification adds an extra shield, mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized access.
  • Message audit panel: The tool can audit and export every conversation to keep tabs on the sensitive information that’s shared within and outside your organization to reduce the risk of fata breaches.
  • Data loss prevention: Avoid data leaks by automatically processing sensitive data fields such as SSNs or credit card information through an approval procedure.

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2. Pexip

secure cloud collaboration

Pexip focuses on secure video conferencing and collaboration. It enables teams to connect and communicate while maintaining privacy and security instantly

The tool also employs encryption protocols to protect video conferences, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring secure virtual meetings. For many, Pexip is a preferred platform for virtual meetings.

Security features of Pexip:

  • Encryption protocols: Pexip uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to control access and prevent unwanted audiences from listening in.
  • Digital sovereignty: You stay in control of your meeting data. Maintain compliance with rules and guarantee that no call detail records are released to shared cloud solutions.
  • Automatic access for private meetings: Control access based on location, role, PIN, or network. Alternatively, establish multiple levels of entry based on safety clearance or status.

3. Nextcloud

secure cloud collaboration

Nextcloud is a self-hosted, open-source platform for collaboration that provides communication tools, document editing capabilities, and file sharing. Teams may access, edit, and share documents, participate and chat in video calls, and manage their calendar, mail, and projects via desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. 

Nextcloud uses end-to-end encryption for files to provide secure cloud collaboration by shielding them from unwanted access. Additionally, it supports multi-factor authentication to enhance user account security.

Security features of Nextcloud:

  • Remote wipe: Remote wipe is a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technique that enables a system administrator to remove data from a device remotely. It is particularly helpful in the event that your gadget is misplaced, pilfered, or an employee leaves your company.
  • Video verification: Video verification requires a Nextcloud Talk video call before access is granted to a share, ensuring that the recipient's identity is properly verified. 
  • Self-host the software: What distinguishes Nextcloud is the ability for users to self-host the program, providing an additional layer of protection for your enterprise. Alternatively, you can use a Nextcloud provider for a quicker setup.

4. Box

secure cloud collaboration

Box is a secure cloud storage platform that offers file sharing, real-time collaboration, version history, and task assignments to facilitate and secure teamwork. Businesses in highly regulated sectors, including healthcare and banking, can benefit greatly from its robust security features.

Security features of Box:

  • Intelligent data leak prevention and threat detection: Box Shield facilitates information protection without workflow disruption. Use classification-based controls to prevent data loss and AI-powered alerts for threat detection. Native tools enable secure hybrid work from any device, ensuring content security at scale.

5. Miro

secure cloud collaboration

Teams may brainstorm, plan, and cooperate graphically with Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard tool. To help you organize your day, this software offers workflows, integrations, process mapping, data visualization, and project management. 

It also offers access controls and permissions to manage team collaboration securely. Miro’s easy-to-use design and capabilities make it an appealing option for creative teams engaged in interactive and visual input projects.

Security features of Miro:

  • Idle session management: Miro's idle session management feature allows setting a 15-minute to 2-week timeout for a tab to be idle before the session expires. This ensures Enterprise account users stay logged in only during active sessions, enhancing security.
  • Domain control: It unifies Miro users from a corporate domain under one enterprise subscription for centralized management and consistent security settings. 

6. Basecamp

secure cloud collaboration

The project management and collaboration tool Basecamp is renowned for its ease of use and intuitive design. It is a top corporate collaboration tool that makes to-do lists, file sharing, project timelines, and cross-platform communication easier. 

It also streamlines project administration and promotes cross-departmental collaboration, allowing easy monitoring. Basecamp guarantees security through SSL encryption for data transmission. It also supports multi-factor authentication for enhanced user account security.

Security features of Basecamp:

  • Data security: To ensure the security of enterprise data, Basecamp backs them up daily, stores data in multiple locations, transmits data over secure HTTPS connections, and encrypts the backup of data using GPG. 
  • Comprehensive security: Implements round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Also, it has a dedicated security, infrastructure, and performance (SIP) team that oversees access management, network connectivity, and firewalls.

7. Notion

secure cloud collaboration

Although Notion was first designed as a note-taking tool, it has evolved into a strong platform for knowledge base wikis, documents, and project creation. 

Notion is an adaptable collaboration solution with adjustable features and templates that lets teams generate, arrange, and share information in one place. For secure cloud collaboration, it offers encryption for data at rest and during transmission. Its versatility and scalability make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Security features of Notion:

  • Data erasure: Notion customers control their data and are responsible for its creation, use, and deletion. They can request data deletion unless legal retention requirements apply.
  • Threat detection: Notion uses endpoint protection for proactive threat detection, identifying and mitigating intrusions, malware, and malicious activities swiftly.

4 benefits of secure cloud collaboration

Secure collaboration tools are critical resources for companies because they provide the following benefits:

1. Keeping data secure

The primary advantage of secure cloud collaboration is the certainty that sensitive data is secured. Encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls all help to provide a secure environment for collaboration.

2. Project alignment

Secure cloud collaboration technologies make project alignment easier by providing a single platform for communication and document exchange. It guarantees that team members are on the same page and can work together seamlessly.

3. Uninhibited communication

With secure cloud collaboration technologies, teams can connect freely, knowing that their conversations and shared files are secure. It encourages open and unrestrained communication, resulting in a collaborative work environment.

4. Productivity

These technologies increase productivity by combining collaborative features with strong security protections. Teams can focus on their activities without worrying about data breaches or unauthorized access, resulting in effective cooperation and job completion.

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Sara Ana Cemazar
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