Top 10 Webex alternatives in 2024

Sara Ana Cemazar
December 28, 2023
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Webex is a robust, unified collaboration and communication platform developed by Cisco and has advanced conferencing features. Yet, for businesses that have affordability constraints and stringent privacy requirements, Webex has limitations. 

In this blog, we have explored Webex alternatives that offer exceeding abilities at either the same or fewer bucks than Webex. 

What is Webex and where does it excel?

Cisco Webex is a cloud-based platform known for its exhaustive suite of intelligent collaboration, powerful calling, and video conferencing features. It has integrated calling, messaging, and meeting features that allow businesses to streamline teamwork and communicate transparently. 

Following are some of the key features of Webex. 

1. Remote work

Webex has evolved to be a popular platform for remote work as it allows business teams to manage customer calls from anywhere, anytime. It can be accessed via mobile and desktop apps. So, employees can quickly handle customer inquiries and communicate with team members. 

2. Advanced call management features

It has call management features like call queues, intelligent call routing, welcome greetings, agent assistance, and more that help businesses handle high call volumes with ease. 

3. Sophisticated meeting abilities

Webex has a high-quality voice and video meeting tool that supports screen sharing. It has advanced functionalities like a whiteboard, built-in chat, polling, etc.

Why should you consider a Webex alternative?

Though Webex offers advanced abilities for enterprises and large-scale businesses, there are some limitations that businesses have started exploring Webex alternatives. Here are some of the important gaps. 

1. Limited abilities in the free version

The free version of Webex allows video conferencing for only 50 minutes and 100 participants. To extend this, businesses must pay $14.5 per license per month, which is a major constraint for many businesses. 

2. Chat abilities are basic

Webex is a video-focused platform, and its chat abilities are limited when compared to other tools. 

On popular review platforms, users have reported that the UX and UI for its live chat are outdated. Also, it does not support advanced features like chatbots, away messages, custom roles, etc.

Though Webex offers several video conferencing features, its chat and voice calling functionalities are definitely not the best in the space. 

3. Lacks browser accessibility

Though Webex has a desktop and mobile application, it cannot be accessed through a web browser. People must download the application to participate in a meeting. 

This is a vital limitation considering the pace and dynamism that businesses operate in. 

4. Scope for enhanced security features

Security-conscious organizations functioning in industries like healthcare, defense, banking, etc., require multiple layers of protection and security.

While it has basic security features, Webex lacks advanced features like two-factor authentication, custom access controls, message audit, etc. 

5. Lacks flexibility and customization

Webex prioritizes simplicity, so it lacks granularity in terms of configuration. It is not as customizable as other platforms, which is a major restriction for growing businesses that demand scalability and flexibility. 

6. Expensive premium plans

As mentioned earlier, the Webex free online conferencing tool offers only 50 minutes and lacks essential features. The plans get expensive as you scale up the tiers. 

7. Loss in video clarity

There is a noticeable loss in video clarity, call quality, and speed when you access advanced features like screen sharing or other controls. 

Best Webex alternatives to consider in 2024

There are several Webex alternatives, and choosing the right one requires enormous effort and time. Our experts have curated some of the best ones for your reference. 

1. Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat ranks the best in our list of Webex alternatives as it offers extensive live chat, video collaboration, voice calling, and messaging abilities. It is an open-source platform and so has greater customization abilities when compared to Webex. 

Beyond that, Rocket.Chat can be deployed on-premises or cloud based on the security needs of a business. It attaches paramount importance to security and has an exhaustive suite of features like end-to-end encryption, device management, two-factor authentication, message panel audit, etc., that make it appropriate for organizations in regulated industries. 

Key Features

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Messaging, audio, and video calls
  • Open-source hosting
  • Integration with 5000+ applications
  • Self-hosted and cloud-deployment
  • Customizable user controls
  • Advanced search functionality

How is Rocket.Chat different from Webex?

  • A higher degree of customization due to open API
  • Extensive chat abilities that allow quick communication with the internal team and customers
  • Real-time translation to 50+ languages
  • Seamless collaboration between teams and with customers
  • Free to use, so it is more affordable than Webex
  • Advanced security features
  • Can be accessed through web browsers

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2. MS Teams

MS Teams is a popular collaboration tool from Microsoft. It has advanced features for one-on-one and group conversations, online meetings, video conferencing, document collaboration, and more. 

It integrates well with other Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. 

Key features

  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Seamless Microsoft 365 integration
  • Calendar sync
  • Threaded conversations
  • File sharing

How is MS Teams different from Webex?

  • Allows sharing 100GB files while Webex allows only 2GB
  • Affordable video and chat pricing plans
  • Allows collaboration on MS Office documents

3. RingCentral

Webex alternative

With integrated workplace communication features, RingCentral has evolved to be a popular Webex alternative. It has Glip, which is exclusively designed to promote team collaboration through video, voice, chat, and more. Other than that, it is also a leading cloud-based phone system provider with advanced call handling and management features.  

Key Features

  • Mobile and desktop app
  • Email and calendar integration
  • HD video and voice calling
  • Instant team messaging
  • Auto attendants and IVR systems
  • Real-time analytics

How is RingCentral different from Webex?

  • Native SMS, fax, and call-recording features
  • Advanced call handling features than Webex
  • Offers customizable reporting and robust analytics 

4. Dialpad

Dialpad is an AI-powered platform known for offering abilities similar to or exceeding those of Webex. It allows business teams to communicate internally and with customers through multiple channels like video, voice, messaging, etc., through a single application. It has a mobile app, so it is more appropriate for organizations with a distributed workforce. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Open API
  • HD voice and video conferencing
  • Integration with CRM 
  • Advanced telephony features
  • IVR and auto-attendants
  • Omnichannel support

How is Dialpad different from Webex?

  • Can be accessed using browsers
  • AI abilities that allow live sentimental analysis
  • Open API allows businesses to avail of customizations

5. Google Workspace

webex alternative

Google Workspace offers team chat, calling, and meeting abilities with its suite of tools, including Google Docs, Meet, Google Forms, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc. It allows business teams to create and collaborate on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using Google Drive. 

Additionally, it allows teams to organize meetings, conduct surveys and polls, and exchange emails. 

Key Features

  • File management with Google Drive
  • Video and voice collaboration through Google Meet
  • Calendar integration
  • Data protection with Vault
  • File sharing across Endpoint
  • Workspace insights and analytics

How is Google Workspace different from Webex?

  • Accessible through Google Chrome and other browsers
  • Simple and easy to use and does not have a learning curve
  • Affordable pricing plans when compared to Webex
  • Real-time collaboration allows employees to work on documents

6. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most sought-after platforms for video conferencing, webinars, live chat, audio conferencing, and business meetings. It can be accessed through desktop or mobile applications. 

Though it is popularly known for video meetings, Zoom Team Chat allows teams to communicate through one-on-one and group messaging. 

Key Features

  • Smart recording
  • Meeting follow-up with participant reporting
  • Online whiteboard
  • Appointment scheduler
  • HD video and audio meetings
  • Custom access permissions
  • Private and group chat channels

How is Zoom different from Webex?

  • Can accommodate up to 1,000 participants for a video conferencing session
  • Superior HD video quality
  • Shorter registration process and signup when compared to Webex
  • Participant reporting feature that follows up with meeting participants

7. Zoho

Webex alternative

Zoho Meeting is an ideal Webex alternative if you are exploring an affordable, secure online conferencing solution. It promotes business collaboration with advanced features like screen sharing, session recording, live transcription, etc. 

Zoho Meeting does not require downloads and lets you set up and attend meetings through the browser. It can be embedded into a website and rebranded as per business requirements. 

Key Features

How is Zoho Meeting different from Webex?

  • Accessible through a browser
  • Zoom Meeting can be embedded in a website
  • The free plan has advanced abilities like emojis, virtual backgrounds, etc.
  • Allows up to 250 participants

8. GoToMeeting

Webex alternative

GoToMeeting is a simplified collaboration tool with multichannel abilities, such as voice, video, in-session chat, etc. It is appropriate for businesses that are exploring tools for video conferencing, sales calls, demos, teleconferencing, etc. GoToMeeting integrates seamlessly with popular third-party tools like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and others.  

Key Features

  • Meeting locks
  • Encrypted video and audio
  • Secure content sharing
  • Participant removal
  • Passcode-protected meetings
  • Cloud recording
  • Meeting transcriptions
  • Custom drawing tools

How is GoToMeeting different from Webex?

  • Higher video quality and cloud recording
  • Allows mouse sharing and keyboard sharing
  • Has drawing tools that allow users to draw and highlight information on the screen

9. ClickMeeting

If you are exploring a Webex alternative for hosting webinars and conferences, ClickMeeting is an ideal platform. It is appropriate for product demos, marketing, online trainers, business collaboration, virtual business meetings, etc. 

ClickMeeting has a desktop and mobile application and allows multiple presenters and panelists to convene and discuss a topic.  

Key Features

  • Screensharing and whiteboard
  • Moderated Q & A
  • Custom branding
  • Webinar recording
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Polls and surveys

How is ClickMeeting different from Webex?

  • Allow multiple presenters and panel discussions with up to 4 speakers at a time
  • Organize events and promote them through email and social media campaigns  
  • A higher degree of customization with open API

10. Spike

Spike is a well-known collaboration platform that helps businesses streamline communication across email, chat, voice, video, etc. It allows team members to create meaningful messages with AI, organize conversations into channels, engage in private conversation, create collaborative notes, multimedia messaging, etc. 

Key Features

  • Private and group conversations
  • Conversational email
  • Video meetings
  • Collaborative notes
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Unified inbox
  • AI abilities

How is Spike different from Webex?

  • Online document editing and management
  • Collaborative notes during meetings
  • Offers on-site, live, and video training resources
  • Entry-level plans start at $5/user/month against Webex’s $14.50/user/month.

Still not sure which Webex alternatives suits you best?

We get it: there are many options on the table.

To choose the best team communication solution for your organization, you must start with the reason why you're looking for one in the first place.

If you're looking for communication apps with heightened security features than Webex, consider these:

  • Rocket.Chat

If you want to enable real-time file collaboration:

  • MS Teams
  • Google Workspace
  • Spike

If you're looking for more flexibility and customization, check out:

  • RingCentral
  • DialPad
  • ClickMeeting
  • Rocket.Chat

If you want more quality video conferencing, look at:

  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting

If you're looking for browser accessibility, consider:

  • Zoho Meeting
  • Rocket.Chat

Let us know if you want to have a quick chat with our team over here at Rocket.Chat to go through the most important advantages Rocket.Chat holds over Webex.

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Sara Ana Cemazar
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